3 Qualities of Effective Cloud Performance Testing Tools

Cloud service applicationSoftware developers and testers are often lulled into a phony sense of software security. For example, software performance and features might satisfy the expectations during the production time, but crash when introduced to the end users. Studies show that many organizations conduct performance testing known as load testing without effectively emulating the real-world scenarios encountered by the end users. When realism is overlooked in load testing, a plethora of performance issues surface.

Cloud technology offers important features that provide testing teams with superior models that can capture realistic behaviors of software before distribution. Cloud-based testing also increases flexibility and lowers ownership cost. But before choosing cloud performance testing tools, it is important to consider their integration with cloud environments, their ability to perform realistic tests, and their support for web technologies.

Integration with Cloud Environment

The manner in which performance testing tools integrate with the cloud environment is an important consideration. Using tools that are not easily integrated with cloud platforms will result in conducting several processes manually, such as learning how each of the platforms works, as well building, accessing, and maintaining the machines to be used. According to experts, cloud performance testing tools must integrate with the cloud to accelerate and simplify the processes required to be employed in the cloud infrastructure.

Realistic Tests

Cloud-based testing is more realistic compared to laboratory testing. However, moving to the cloud infrastructure does not guarantee realistic tests. It is, therefore, necessary to consider bandwidth challenges experienced by end users by virtualizing networks and making parallel tests. In virtualizing networks, you must consider limited bandwidth and packet and latency loss. Cloud-based performance testing tools should be able to parallelize requests in order to produce realistic results.

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Support Web Technologies

Many businesses prefer tools with built-in support for web technologies, such as WebSocket, Microsoft Silverlight, or AJAX. Otherwise, effective testing of performance of such applications will be impossible.

Cloud technologies offer organizations a mechanism of improving the realism and scale of load testing while at the same time lowering ownership cost and saving time. In order to address the challenges in software performance, it is best to embrace cloud-based testing. Simply moving to the cloud infrastructure is not sufficient, but the type of tool selected and how well it supports cloud technologies determine success.