3 Things Science Says about Content Creation

Science Advice about Content Creation in BrisbaneWhen it comes to writing, you either have it or you don’t. You can read a thousand books in your life, and it won't guarantee you can produce something that sells. One can learn techniques how to fuel creativity and be in the golden hour, but nothing can teach how you can translate your thoughts into compelling pieces in written format. Writing is art; well, at least that’s the consensus.

While it’s true that some individuals just don’t have it in them, many don’t think that science holds the formula for success. Especially that content creation is at the core of search engine optimisation in Brisbane, Denver, London or any part of the globe, it pays to hear what some studies have to say about persuasive copywriting.

Power of Painting Pictures

According to a study, mirror neurones cause the brain to transform anything you observe, either through watching or reading, into a feeling. This finding can be instrumental in marketing.

This is why appealing to emotions is so effective in selling brands. Using real-life scenarios as an example for the copy creates the desired feeling, which can help convert casual readers into paying customers.

Time over Money

A Stanford University research reveals that using time as a selling point over money is a more effective marketing strategy. You can control your ability to make money, to some extent, and your spending, but time is something you can’t. It runs constantly beyond your power and you only have limited supply of it.

The things people spend their time on matter more than those they buy with their dollars.

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The Devil is in the Details

In online marketing, a single detail can make or break the sale. Sweating the small stuff can help convince the most conservative buyers to act. Spenders are more likely to buy products at $99 than those at $100. The difference is just a dollar, but the impact of the former is greater.

Persuasive copywriting is a combination of imagination and logic, creativity and language, art and science. If you hire a digital marketing company that sees the difference and connection between these abstract ideas, knows how to test whether or not pieces of content sell and optimise content creation based on today’s standards to your advantage, it wouldn’t be long for your pages to reach Google’s summit.