4 Weird and Interesting Websites You Can Check

Web Design in DenverSome websites are just so weird and yet you still find yourself visiting them over and over again. Why is that the case?

Web design company Denver Data Web explains that creative web developers have the power to greatly influence the look and feel of the sites they create. So if you come across a site that really caught your attention, you have to thank its developer for that.

Here are a few interesting websites that are a bit on the eccentric side.

1. SnapBubbles

SnapBubbles is simply a website that allows you to pop virtual bubbles—it’s as simple as that!

The Secret: Well, who doesn’t like bubble wrap? In fact, when you open the box of a fragile item, the bubble wrap is probably the first thing you take and spend time on — and being able to pop those bubbles online is simply a good way to pass the time.

2. Nooooooooooooooo.com

This is actually a real website! And well, it allows you to totally just let your stress out by saying noooooo…or something like it.

The Secret: Sometimes, life is just so stressful. And when you can’t shout your stress out, you can just let Darth Vader do it for you — with just a visit to this website!

3. Time Cube

Admit it: You’re probably a fan of conspiracy theories, even if you don’t really believe them. Well, Time Cube is something that will tickle your fancy — and make you question things.

The Secret: Here’s the thing: no one really knows what Time Cube is about. On the website is a phrase that you probably should try deciphering yourself…and that’s what makes it fun!

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A colorful, a bit dizzying, but still adorable site that features…well, running dog GIFs!

The Secret: Dogs are really just some of the most adorable animals out there — even in gif form! And with this website, you can just stare at them anytime you want.

5. Alex Chiu’s Immortality Devices

Yes, you read that right. This website features materials that claim to provide immortality devices for those who want to live forever!

The Secret: True or not, it’s still interesting to check out what these devices are… and why they’re even around.

Weird websites could be great, especially in the hands of talented web developers. So if you’re planning to have your own website, determine the look and feel you want it to have, and then hire a notable contractor for it.