5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Aged Care Home

Female caregiver with an elderly woman

Aged care systems provide a range of services that support older people in their daily living activities. According to research, more than one million retirees access aged care services, with around 192,000 living in aged care homes. Other than basic accommodation, aged care homes provide meals and nursing services, making them the common choice among Australians. If you wish to enter an aged care home upon retirement, here are some important considerations:

Is the Home Reputable?

Determine if the home has a good reputation by reading reviews and testimonials as well as collecting references from families or friends. Apart from this, ensure that the facility has passed accreditation standards set by the government.

Is It Safe and Accessible?

Upon visiting the facility, observe if the residents are able to move comfortably with access to gardens and other outdoor areas. Double check security arrangements such as call bells and fire extinguishers as well.

How Is the Food?

Food must be good, especially if you have a distinct palette for taste. Ask for the facility’s menu and check the presentation and quality of their meals. It is also important to inquire about seasonal menus, beverages, and preferred food services.

What Are the Daily Activities?

Real Support Choices reminds that a good aged care home knows how to organise daily activities according to their residents’ interests and needs. Do they use aged care software systems? How do they manage care schedules and other daily activities?

How About Health and Wellness?

Regular access to doctors, dentists, and other health professionals is highly important upon entering an aged care home. Ask about the frequency of doctor visits as well as wellness and alternative therapy programs such as mobility programs and exercise activities.

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Selecting an aged care home requires a lot of patience and determination. List down at least three options and choose the one that provides the best care and can cater to your personal needs.