Alarm Monitoring: Three Times You Get It Wrong

Alarm MonitoringEven if studies have shown that home security effectively decreases the occurrence of burglary, many Texans are still reluctant to have alarm monitoring for a variety of reasons. And those that chose to embrace it sometimes end up meeting with disappointment because they have misguided assertions with how it works.

While it’s not the only precaution you could do to increase your level of safety at home, alarm monitoring would actually do you more good than you think.

If you’re having second thoughts toward home security products, get these misconceptions out of the way first:

Dispatcher Is Always Notified Instantly

If you have alarm monitoring in Dallas, Fort Worth, or Houston, a trigger would notify your provider — but the communication doesn’t happen instantly all the time. Some home security companies do this to avoid sending the authorities in case of a false alarm.

Talk to your provider to know when the alarm reaches their end, and set your expectations accordingly. To minimize or eliminate delays, your home security company would work with you to reduce the likelihood of inadvertent triggers through smart designing.

It’s Not Necessary when you Live in a Nice Neighborhood

If you think you don’t need security cameras and motion sensors because the crime rate in your area is low, think again. North Star Home reminds that burglars choose their target wisely and attack when your guard is down. Never rule out the possibility that your home could be burglarized one of these days. Take every precaution you could.

Just like insurance, you might not be happy paying for it, but you’d be glad you have it when the need arises.

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24-Hour Monitoring Invades Privacy

The nation is divided about whether or not security takes away your privacy. While this may be true to some extent, there are ways to prevent your own monitoring system from invading your personal space.

Strategic placement is imperative. You don’t necessarily need to put cameras in areas you’re not comfortable having eyes on. Use them in common entryways of burglars to effectively identify potential intruders without giving up your privacy.

Alarm monitoring gives you the luxury of having a smart system that watches over what matters to you. It’s on standby to notify the authorities of your emergency. It may not completely keep your family and valuables safe, but it sure helps you prevent the worst.