Are You Aware of Journalistic Trends that Affect the PR Industry?

Video camera focused on a PR person on a newsroomThose who work in the public relations field know too well that capturing the attention of reporters is a perennial challenge.

PR professionals compete with much-needed airtime to convey their message. But, companies should learn to align their PR strategies with current journalist trends. By knowing what drives reporters to pick up stories—or ignore them altogether—your PR campaign stands a higher chance of making its way to your target demographic.

Social Networking

Social networking sites have made it easier for businesses to reach a wider audience. And whether we like it or not, social media has become an appropriate channel to convey your story to the world. stressed though that posting on Facebook or posting Tweets isn’t all there is. Reporters don’t have the time to sift through the greater influx of news on social media.

One technique to gain their attention involves a comprehensive and concise plan. Pitch a story idea backed by reliable facts and well-researched information. Most journalists are likely to cover news that prioritizes accuracy.

Stand Out and Connect

You’ve contacted a reporter to tell your story, so how do you maintain that relationship? Providing them with engaging content is your answer. Companies should also make sure that their websites are accessible through mobile devices. Studies show that more consumers are browsing online through the use of smartphones. Aside from that, the website should be user-friendly. Clicking a lot to get the contact details of the PR team is not ideal.

A newsworthy idea becomes useless without a storyteller. Amid all the fluff, how do you plan to stand out to journalists?

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