Best of Both Worlds: Offline and Online Tactics for Marketing

It’s a mistake to think your business can survive with only online marketing, especially if you have a brick and mortar setup. You need online marketing, sure, but it’s not the only way to make your business known.

Offline tactics

Online Marketing in PerthEspecially if you have local operations, you need some local offline marketing. New businesses may not always have ad spends or marketing budgets, but you can make do with a few ‘guerrilla tactics’ for now.

Leave your business card (yes, business cards are very important, they’re also cheap) everywhere. If you have students for a market, for example, leave a few on bulletin boards inside the campus. Visit the places students hang out and leave or post a few more there. Leave one when you pay at the café. Drop one in the fish bowl wherever one is set up for a raffle.

Check your local newspaper and get an idea on the type of businesses or activities they write about. It won’t hurt to try and make your intention known to support such activities or to let people know what you’re about. Your niche may be a topic of interest. They’ll interview you and feature your business. Free marketing right there.

There are many other tactics you can employ to make your presence known in your local market. All you have to do is be creative, do some research and be proactive.

Online tactics

Of course, you still need online tactics. It’s a digital world, after all. Pay for Perth SEO services; it’s a worthy investment if the providers are professionals and get the job done, according to the experts from Digitise My Business. You can also do your part through email and social. Use the networks that your clients are likely to use and create an engaging presence.

A good combination of offline and online tactics will make your marketing efforts more solid and reliable. Do the work and watch the revenues grow.