Demystifying Myths on Global Satellite Internet Services

Man calling on his phone and using the internet on a laptop

Man calling on his phone and using the internet on a laptopModern evolution and advancements in technology cannot be complete without mentioning high Internet speeds. Satellite Internet providers have played a significant role in delivering quality connections. Although the current technology is top-notch, misconceptions about satellite Internet are still holding down some people. Are you one of them?

Below are seven myths about global satellite internet services and the truth you need to know:

Myth #1: Satellite Internet is Expensive

Satellite Internet technology was expensive when it first hit the market, but almost everyone can afford it now. However, the cost of installing satellite Internet greatly depends on your choice of provider.

Myth #2: Satellite Internet Speeds are Slow

Satellite internet offers you enough speed to do anything you would want to do on the Web. It likewise provides you with highly favourable upload and download speeds.

Myth #3: The Satellite Receiver Must be on the Roof

You will find most satellite receivers on the roof of buildings. But that is not the only option. Upon site survey at your home or office, a satellite installer can advise on the best location for the receiver.

Myth #4: Satellite Internet Ties up Phone Communication

Satellite is capable of delivering two-way high Internet speeds over satellite. You can explore the Internet and receive a call at the same time.

Myth #5: Satellite Internet Connections Do Not Happen in Rural Areas

Contrary to what most people think, satellite Internet can reach rural areas. All you need is a clear line of sight to receive signals for an Internet connection.

Myth #6: Satellite Internet Installation Takes Ages

Satellite technology has advanced and the installation process nowadays takes just a few hours. What you need are a satellite dish, a modem and two coaxial cables, and the setup will be quick and easy.

Myth #7: You Cannot Connect Multiple Devices

With satellite Internet, you can add multiple devices with Wi-Fi capabilities to your network using a router.

Satellite Internet has transformed today’s digital world. As such, you should not be left behind just because of some old beliefs or words that you heard from an old friend. Get factual information and enjoy the benefits of modern technology.

The Two Major Phone Answering Mistakes That Repel Customers

Line of call center employees receiving calls

Line of call center employees receiving callsDid you know that the way your employees answer customer phone calls could be the reason they won’t call back anymore? Based on Marketing Land, a research discovered that 74% of callers would do business with the competition after they experienced a negative phone transaction.

Probably the primary and most significant stage is the way your employees answer their phone calls aside from employing on-hold messaging services. This means that a negative first phone call experience could do more harm to your company than you realize. Here are two of the common errors that you will have to instruct your employees to avoid:

You offer way too many options to the point that it’s overwhelming

People usually don’t like getting overwhelmed, as they’re generally in a hurry when they pick up the phone. You might think that offering your calling customers a range of choices is necessary and convenient, but it will only frustrate them.

Instead, keep everything simple and make sure that the menu doesn’t include more than three to five items. Anything more than five will confuse callers and they will begin to feel lost.

Your automated system makes it hard to communicate with a human

A common customer complaint with regards to automated answering services and IVRs is how difficult it is to talk to a real human being. After all, customers will sometimes have real problems that only an actual person can comprehend. Other times, they would rather speak to a human instead of an annoying IVR.

Instead of that, remove it and offer a way to talk to someone easily and quickly straight away. Don’t force them to go through many choices just to search for it.

Now that you are aware of the common errors to dodge in terms of your employees answering phone calls, use it to enhance customer satisfaction and communications.

You Need On-Hold Messaging

A TelephoneDespite social media offering new ways to connect with companies, some customers prefer to talk to someone on the phone. And if you have a business, it pays to have an on-hold message service instead of risking your clients to listen to a busy dial tone over and over again. Here are some reasons why you need to this type of phone service.

First of all, it helps you create a professional image.

Slip into the shoes of your clients and try calling a company hotline. Would you trust a broadcasting company that doesn’t have a message on-hold in their business phone systems? Chances are, you won’t. You’d think that for a company this size, it wouldn’t kill their budget to invest in one. If that’s not the kind of image you want to give your customers, do invest in an on-hold message for your business phone systems can create that professional image you want.

Second, you can use this time to do a sales pitch.

Don’t waste your customers’ valuable time. Do consider doing a quick sales pitch over the phone using recorded messages in your on-hold messaging system. After all, you already have your customer’s attention, so better make the most out of it. Don’t want to do a sales pitch? It’s okay. You can also use this time to inform your customers about your business hours, promotions, and other important reminders that they might be interested in.

Third, it eases your customers’ anxiety.

Customers who call company hotlines are, more often than not, anxious because they need quick solutions to their problems. Think about it; it’s already frustrating to stay on-hold when you’re in a hurry, and you have to fix a problem right away. Listening to something nice like classical music or even recorded messages about promotions and new services can ease their anxieties a bit instead of getting a busy dial tone.

Get an On-Hold Message Service Today!

If you still don’t have one, read again the reasons above and decide if you’re willing to risk your business reputation for not having a simple on-hold message service for your business phone systems. It’s straightforward but very effective. Moreover, it can help you generate more business instead of frustrating your customers further with a busy dial tone.

The Six Sigma Principles Are Valuable for Healthcare

The Six Sigma Principle

The Six Sigma PrincipleSix Sigma is currently one of the most important and popular business improvement processes available. It uses a data-driven approach to improving customer experience and lowering costs, according to renowned business executive and chemical engineer Jack Welch. As such, the six sigma principles are widely used in numerous industries, one of which is healthcare.

Proven Versatility

Many types of healthcare companies use Six Sigma combined with KPI dashboards to improve their business. It initially started out as a tool to enhance the quality of products or services but it has evolved into a more versatile tool over the years. It is now used to improve revenue, cut the expenses, and increase flow and cycle times.

Efficiency in the Industry

Many institutions implement the Six Sigma principles in their operations—banks, department stores, BPOs, and of course hospitals. The latter is different in that it deals with people who are in pain and are possibly emotional. Nevertheless, Six Sigma makes hospital services more efficient.

Significance in Healthcare

The healthcare industry could use an improvement to make it more efficient and cost effective across various services such as surgeries and testing. The Six Sigma features tools that help with statistical analysis, effectively reducing costs and offering more value-added services. These tools include regression analysis, the voice of the clients, control charts, standard deviation, and comparison of means, among others.

Hospitals can use these tools to become more productive. For instance, they can increase the number of tests they do per day, by analyzing each employee’s times and result. Scheduling improvements and price alterations are also possible. Furthermore, it enables hospitals to provide the best possible care while maximizing their revenue.

With that said, Six Sigma definitely enhances the business and operations of hospitals and other institutions in the healthcare industry. It’s only a matter of choosing the right tools and being proficient in using them.

Manual Medical Records: The Disadvantages

Medical Record

For any practice or hospital, a patient’s medical record is essential. The patient’s record includes their illness, the length of hospitalization, the treatment they underwent, and the total amount of fees they paid. These records have to be in an archive or a storage room that can be accessed anytime upon request.

The access and storage of these records are major problems in the medical field, and some of the disadvantages include:

Cost of paper prints

To keep medical records manually requires a consistent supply of printed paper records, forms, receipts, and a large enough room. These are essential in documenting patients’ medical information, however, keeping track of these records is not an easy task. A practice or hospital can take care of this with one easy solution: an electronic medical records system. They can use this electronic medical record software system to lessen their printing costs and save space.

Manual access takes time

In the past, hospitals and clinics endured rooms full of medical records that were difficult and time-consuming to access. Having a medical records software system will help to keep things in proper order as well as provide ease of access. Doctors and patients can print them without any difficulty.

Degradation of paper medical records

Paper is biodegradable, which is good for the environment, but not so for record keeping. Paper degrades over time, and sooner or later your records are no longer readable. With an electronic medical record, a practice or hospital does not need to worry about paper degradation. It also preserves the integrity of the medical records.

As technology and time move on, the medical industry needs to keep in step, not only in research, but also in facilitating an effective medical record storage system.  To acquire an electronic medical record software is a step into the future for patients and physicians.

Nurture Your Relationship with Customers in 3 Ways

Nurturing Relationships with CustomersWhatever kind of business you run, whether B2B or B2C, there is always a relationship between your business and your customers. This relationship is something you invite; it’s the reason you market, advertise, and promote. Not only do you invite it, but you nurture it. There is truth to the argument that it is more affordable and better to maintain your current customers than win new ones.

To make sure your customers remain loyal and happy — well, at least most of them — here are some suggestions on taking care of your relationship:

Interact with them.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, you need social media and someone dedicated to respond to replies from customers. As most customers these days trust what they see on their social media feeds than on traditional advertising formats, it makes sense to be their “friend” online. You can post or reply to posts yourself, but it may be more sensible to hire someone you can train to avoid making customers wait too long.

Talk to them.

Customers want answers immediately when they have concerns. They want to find out whether you offer this or that service or product, or whether this or that is covered by your warranty. They want to ask why your product isn’t working the way they expected it to. For these instances, your customer service should be top-notch.

If you do this yourself, however, it may eat up all of your time and it might be too expensive to hire a bunch of people to answer phones. Fortunately, there are companies that offer such services. United Call Center and other experts say that you can save more by outsourcing your live telephone answering service to a trusted call center.

Deliver on your promises.

Nothing is worse for customers than being made to believe something that they discover to be untrue. If you promise something — whether it’s a feature on a product, an additional service, a freebie, a discount, or something similar — make sure you deliver on that promise. Some customers will keep calling you about it, while most will never call or visit again.

Your relationship with your customers matters more than just about anything else about your business. Make sure to follow these tips to keep them satisfied and happy with your brand.

3 Vital Questions a Struggling Business Should Ask and Answer

Business ImprovementHave you looked at a successful competitor company and asked yourself, “Why isn’t it working for me?” Do you have doubts about the methods your business uses to flourish? If you want to make a positive change in your profits, you should start by asking the right questions. Here are some basic, but vital ones:

Seriously, why are they selling?

Identifying their strengths and your room for improvement is the key to finding the right course of action. Check your competition’s history, how they’ve started, what measures did they take, and what rules did they stick to or change to be where they currently are. The histories of successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and company directors have many things in common. Perhaps finding that common ground in yourself will help you to re-evaluate how you’re running your business.

What are we doing that’s detrimental?

There are certain practices that businesses do, which hinder progress instead of pushing for it. It won’t always be the same for every company since small businesses are more prone to making bad decisions, like over and under budgeting, poor filtering of employees and managers, and overpricing. Remember that knowing is already half the battle and following through with solutions becomes a lot easier from there.

What can we do to fix it?

Once you know the root cause of your problems, you’ll need to troubleshoot. Face the problems head on and look to the most effective, fastest, and most lasting solutions. If your concerns are promotions, find a professional marketing company to help you out. If your problem is competitive prices, PriceManager recommends investing in a price tracking tool that can assess the present market. Hire experts, as well. Listen to their advice to maximize their services and use technology to your advantage.

Once you know the right questions to ask, the answers will be easier to find and accept. Focus on the lessons learned from your competition while working on reaching your objectives. It won’t be easy at first, but being persistent and driven will keep you going despite difficulties.

Need for Speed: Ensuring Fast Loading Time

Website Loading Time

Website Loading TimeThe digital age created a new generation of users. They are characterized by their short attention spans that lose interest after about eight seconds. Furthermore, these users are always on the go and require faster access to websites on their computer or mobile device.

Digital marketing service providers looking to cater to this type of audience should think of ways to give them what they want when they surf the web. Specifically, they should optimize the speed of their website. This will ensure that users can see all the page information after a few seconds of loading and will help make users stay on their site.

Common Issues which Affect Site Load Speed

Before optimizing, providers should list down all possible things that can slow down a site. This is crucial to identifying the root cause of their site’s load speed problem.

One factor, for instance, is server reliability and performance. Regardless of how optimized the site is, it won’t matter if the response time of the server itself is slow. Likewise, big images or files can also cripple the site load speed.

Fixing Slow Loading Time

Resolving slow loading time is essential as a one- or two-second delay can spell the difference between user satisfaction and a failed sales conversion.

Reducing server response time is one solution to loading delays. Ideally, the time frame for server response should be under 200 ms. Anything higher than that is a red flag that providers should address by identifying and fixing connection bottlenecks.

Providers may also optimize images on sites to make them load faster. Furthermore, they could also utilize image-compression sites that shrink file size without compromising image quality.

What a Fast Website Provides

A speedy website is the key to higher revenue, traffic, and conversions. Providers who disregard website speed may lose customers because they are placing themselves on the bad side of search engines and visitors.

Visitors shouldn’t have to deal with poor website performance. If they are not satisfied with the speed and service of the website they are browsing, they have the power to leave the site whenever they want and move to a competitor site. This is bad news to the providers of underperforming sites. They need to address site load issues as soon as possible — not only is it bad for search engine ranking, but it is also bad for site conversion rates.

What You’re Breathing: Dust Can Contain Small Bits of Animal and Human Skin Cells

Dust InhalationWhat is in the dust you could be breathing? Thousands, if not millions, of microscopic particles. It could be made up of ash, bacteria, pollen, salt crystals from the ocean and possibly pieces of rock, dirt or sand. But, according to the National Geographic, dust can also contain human and animal skin cells, hair, and pollution.

What about dust found indoors, in environments that process hazardous materials?

Occupational Hazard

The World Health Organization states that when people inhale airborne dust at work, they are at risk for diseases. Some examples of hazardous dust in the workplace include metallic dust, such as lead and cadmium, chemical dust, mineral dust, and vegetable dust such as wood, flour, and tea. The effect of the dust inhalation will depend on a few things:

  • The length of exposure to the dust
  • The content of the dust
  • The size of the dust particles

The longer employees are exposed to hazardous dust, the greater their risk of getting lung diseases, asthma, cancer, and other nonrespiratory diseases. Dust particle size also matters because it determines how it goes through your respiratory tract and your lungs.

Keeping the Workplace Safe

Companies have a duty of care to ensure that employees stay safe and healthy while performing their jobs. Employees should wear proper personal protection equipment. They should follow strict safety protocols.

Your business should also invest in proper equipment, such as wet dust collection systems, which minimize hazardous particles in the workplace. Dust collectors are efficient and effective in capturing dust generated from grinding, cutting, polishing, and other processes.

The investment is not just for employee protection. Dust collection systems also keep highly combustible and flammable particles from damaging products or destroying a facility.

Dust may seem harmless, or inconvenient, in the least. But what you can’t see can hurt you, particularly when it’s indoor dust in the workplace. Protect your employees. Protect the business with the right equipment.

Why Are Burglars Attracted to a Garage Door Remote?

Garage Door Remote

Garage Door RemoteIt’s a common assumption that thieves who break into cars want the vehicle itself. However, some of them might actually be targeting the garage door remote inside a car. shares that although smart car owners hide valuable possessions in their glove department, only a handful of people consider the garage remote as valuable and thus, do not make an effort to hide it.

This kind of thinking neglects to consider the true purpose of the remote: to give access to the person using it.

A New Car Burglary Trend

When robbers go after a car, they do not steal the car itself. Rather, they target the garage door remote left behind within the car. Although people might feel secure in the belief that it is not possible for a burglar to know where they live, they do not realise that the robbers can locate the residential address of the car owner after finding the car registration and insurance usually tucked inside the glove compartment.

The Victims of This Trend

One female resident reported that a 17-year-old crook broke into her car, swiped the garage door remote and used it to enter her home. He pilfered jewellery, electronics and money and made a getaway using the family car. In this instance, the authorities eventually caught the thief after he crashed the car into a light pole.

Some robbers, unfortunately, are able to get away with their crime. When one victim parked his car at a hospital, the thieves took this opportunity to smash his window and steal the garage remote. They even went further and noted the home address found on his glove box. They then went straight into the victim’s home and tore the house upside down while he was at the hospital.

The Bottom Line: Secure Your Garage

You need not end up like the unfortunate victims of this trend. There are things you can do to keep your car, your garage and home secure, such as using ‘smart’ garage door remotes that enable you to input an access code to open your garage.

Thieves are always thinking of creative ways to take your valuable possessions. Take care to always bring your garage remote with you and never leave it in a conspicuous place.