Are You Aware of Journalistic Trends that Affect the PR Industry?

Video camera focused on a PR person on a newsroomThose who work in the public relations field know too well that capturing the attention of reporters is a perennial challenge.

PR professionals compete with much-needed airtime to convey their message. But, companies should learn to align their PR strategies with current journalist trends. By knowing what drives reporters to pick up stories—or ignore them altogether—your PR campaign stands a higher chance of making its way to your target demographic.

Social Networking

Social networking sites have made it easier for businesses to reach a wider audience. And whether we like it or not, social media has become an appropriate channel to convey your story to the world. stressed though that posting on Facebook or posting Tweets isn’t all there is. Reporters don’t have the time to sift through the greater influx of news on social media.

One technique to gain their attention involves a comprehensive and concise plan. Pitch a story idea backed by reliable facts and well-researched information. Most journalists are likely to cover news that prioritizes accuracy.

Stand Out and Connect

You’ve contacted a reporter to tell your story, so how do you maintain that relationship? Providing them with engaging content is your answer. Companies should also make sure that their websites are accessible through mobile devices. Studies show that more consumers are browsing online through the use of smartphones. Aside from that, the website should be user-friendly. Clicking a lot to get the contact details of the PR team is not ideal.

A newsworthy idea becomes useless without a storyteller. Amid all the fluff, how do you plan to stand out to journalists?

Why You should Switch to a Rugged Satellite Phone

A Satellite Tower Though smartphones are incredibly useful, they can be quite fragile as far as electronic devices go. Even with the toughest gorilla glass, smartphone screens can shatter and break when dropped. They are also prone to moisture and dust damage unless they are designed to be completely waterproof. Even then, most smartphones do not perform well in extreme conditions.

People who travel, stay in harsh environments or work in the industrial sector can significantly benefit from switching to a rugged satellite phone. This type of phone connects to a satellite service, so it is useful anywhere in the world.

Here is why you should make the switch:

Durable and Robust

Rugged satellite phones are waterproof and dust-proof, making them suitable for practically any environment. Biologists who are out on the field, engineers who work in harsh conditions, and even extreme athletes, such as mountain bikers, can benefit from such a phone.

This type of phone isn’t easily damaged and is resistant to shock and falls, as well. When choosing a rugged satellite phone, go for something that has military-grade durability. It has to be able to pass the test methods of the department of defence.

Compact with Long Battery Life

Unlike smartphones, rugged phones are robust, yet more compact. Though they are not ideal for casual internet browsing, they are dependable and often have a longer battery life. Smartphones are notorious for their short battery lives, which means that they are not the best choice for an emergency phone.

Coverage from Anywhere in the World

Rugged satellite phones can connect from anywhere in the world. This makes them an ideal choice for travellers who need to stay connected while abroad. Unlike smartphones, which rely on cell towers and local service providers, satellite phones connect to satellite systems orbiting the earth.

Rugged satellite phones are perfect for people who demand more from their phones.

4 Must-Have Software Tools for Construction Businesses

Software Tools for Construction Businesses If your construction business doesn’t have a copy of Microsoft’s Office suite of productivity tools, you’re going nowhere. The trio of MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are a must for every small business. However, they’re not the only software applications you need. Although MS Office is the standard, they can’t do everything.

This is where other software come in and work behind the scenes to deliver where you need them the most. Business software isn’t everything, but they can complete tasks that are too tedious for human hands and minds. This makes everything faster, easier, and more efficient.

Here are the four types of software your construction business needs:

1. Construction estimate software

The most basic models of construction estimate software can calculate lengths, areas, and volumes as well as labor prices, equipment, material, and other expenses to draw up a complete cost estimate for client projects. Those with fancier features will pretty much automate all estimating, scheduling, and proposals.

2. Project management software

Online or web-based project management apps will help you oversee all individual projects you are working on. They can help you delegate individual tasks, share all sorts of files with team members, and collaborate online. Some apps also have message boards and integrated chat to streamline communications with members.

3. Accounting software

Gone are the days of balancing your checks on paper, or even on spreadsheets. Accounting software lets you record all accounting transactions, from basic payable accounts, receivables, and payroll to more complicated transactions. The best accounting software for construction firms can even be integrated into your cost estimator software.

4. Internet marketing tools

If you’re not promoting your business online, you’re not really promoting anything at all. At the least, your business must have your own e-mail to link you up with your clients and a blogging platform to establish your authority in the industry. Social media for business, such as LinkedIn, is also a valuable tool for finding employees, contractors, and clients.

Starting and managing a small business is a tough venture. The constraints on money, time, and labor can often limit what you can do. However, if you have a great team using great tools, it won’t be long before you can overcome those barriers and reach your highest potential as a business.

Utilizing Technology: Why Have A Construction Estimator?

Importance of Construction EstimatorConstruction an establishment has always been stressful. From the planning to the actual execution of the project, it takes time, effort and skills to be able to carry off the project well. However, with the rise of commercial construction cost estimator software, companies are finding it easier to handle projects.

Why have a construction cost estimator?

To Be More Accurate

Human error happens, even in construction. With an estimator that utilizes the latest technology in construction estimating, the risk of error can be minimized. Accurate estimates of expenses and measurements can be done from the start. With accuracy being the top most priority of the project, unnecessary expenses (and losses) can be avoided.

To Be Organized

Gone are the days when project managers each have a folder to record the progress of the project. Aside from having an organized data recording method, schedule of labor and delivery can also be recorded and observed. With this, the efficiency of workers and managers alike can be increased.

To Increase Bargaining Leverage

The more accurate the estimate, the more profit one can get. This is because the bargaining leverage towards subcontractors and vendors can also be increased. A contractor should be confident with his numbers in order to achieve the proper bid, not too high, or not too low. Complete and accurate bid details can also lead to more proposals and in turn more projects.

To Increase Project Speed

Having a good start can lead to the project finishing on schedule, if not faster. The reduction of the amount of paperwork, of data duplication, of inaccurate estimates and conflict in schedules, among others, contributed to reducing the risk of error in the project making it finish faster.

Why should you have a construction cost estimator on your next project? Simple. Because it makes your work easier without compromising its quality.

HALT and HASS Discussed in Layman’s Terms

Product TestBefore launching a product into the market, it is highly important that its quality and durability is tested and secured. Companies found a way to do this, minus the element of real time through accelerated stress test programs (AST). AST aims to expose the weakness of products to know how to improve it.

Difference of HALT and HASS

The two most common methods of accelerated tests are Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS). Both methods use externally controllable variables to present a pseudo-environment that can test the product’s capacity.

HALT is designed to find a product’s weakness as quickly as possible through applied external stress, vibration, temperature, and frequency among others. Once found, a correction program would be made. The product would again be put into HALT, find the weakness and corrected again. This cycle goes on until the weakness can be virtually eliminated.

HASS, on the other hand, works like HALT where external stress and pressure is used to uncover flaws in the product at the shortest time possible. However, unlike HALT, HASS aims to uncover flaws in manufacturing such as shorts in circuits and joints. HALT uncovers designs flaws. The aim of HASS is to measure the reliability of the product itself.

Importance of your product

Correctly performed tests can reap your company numerous benefits and help save a huge amount of money. However, pinpointing the weakness is not enough. The means to correct these weaknesses should also be made. With such tests and the needed corrections made, your company would be able to launch your products earlier, reduce the cost of the warranty, reduce the cost of production and increase your market shares and profits.

Truly, success is not an overnight achievement. However, with such programs available, the agony of waiting for the perfect product can be reduced to the minimum.

How Do Circuit Finders and Tracers Work?

Circuit Finders and TracersElectrical circuit finders are small plastic devices that can peer into walls and find open and live electrical circuits. There is a subtle difference between circuit breaker finders and circuit tracers. In very simple terms, professional electricians use tracers while finders by the layman. Tracers can locate wires on both live and open circuits, but the finders can work only on live or energized circuits.

  • Advanced products

Certain circuit tracers can follow circuits that are live 4 to 5 feet away. Circuit tracers are very sensitive and can, therefore, detect both strong and weak signals. These tools use many different types of techniques to find an electrical circuit, programmed to look for two different types of signals. To detect a complete circuit, it senses an electromagnetic field, but for an open circuit, an electrostatic field.

  • The various techniques

One technique used for live circuits is to inject a signal burst at the transmission and then control it on the AC waveform. The other one is meant for dead circuits where you have pulses at regular intervals. Picking the right modulation and frequency is a bit tricky, as you need to define a thing that not many things should hinder with. For example, there are too many sources of EM noise in the background, like computers. This means finders and tracers have to be advanced enough to filter these as well.

Whichever technique is used by the electric circuit finders and tracers; the basic principle remains similar. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between the circuit tracer or finder.

Is Your SEO Campaign a Success? 3 Metrics You Should Be Tracking

3 SEO Metrics to Track in BrisbaneNow that you’ve finally launched your SEO campaign, how will you know exactly what works and what don’t? There are plenty of ways to monitor your SEO results and below are three key metrics you might want to start with.

  1. Your Keyword Rankings

While some SEO experts don’t really consider this metric that important, it’s still an excellent way to get some idea on how your site is doing; kind of like a general checkup of your websites' health if you will. Just don’t get too obsessed with keyword rankings because keep in mind that your end goal is to increase relevant web traffic that will support your business. This means you have to reevaluate your keywords every now and then to ensure that they’re still doing their job.

  1. Your Organic Web Traffic

This is a better indicator of your SEO campaign’s health. When you monitor and assess organic traffic coming to your website, you could get an estimate of the number of visitors going to your website, and what they’re looking at specifically, explains Bambrick Media Pty Ltd, an SEO specialist in Brisbane. This could be done with simple analytic tools.

  1. Your Organic Sales and Leads

The most crucial metric you could use for measuring your SEO results is your actual sales and leads. You could easily set up ecommerce tracking or goals in analytic tools to make it easier for you to gather relevant data you’ll need to evaluate. You could then utilise the report from your analytics tool to see your organic goals and traffic, as well as other ecommerce metrics you want to use — by landing page, meaning that you’re particularly checking for visitors who convert among the visitors that land on your website from organic search.

Put simply, if you do not get into the habit of tracking these and other relevant metrics, it would be impossible to determine what SEO tactics are working and what’s not. If you’re unaware of your SEO results, you’ll just end up spending precious time and resources on poor returns. Create and stick to a tracking schedule so you could take more informed actions to make these metrics better over time.

With these Tools, Project Management Need Not be a Problem

Tools for Project ManagementEvery project manager’s dream involves successfully implementing and achieving the goals established for the project. For this to happen, they need to create a well-developed plan that every member of the team should not only understand, but strive hard to achieve too.

There are many ingredients that comprise an effectively-created project management program, and with these tools, you can make your project a success, reveals LoadSpring

The Right Plan

All projects start with creating a plan. The first thing you as a project manager has to do is to come up with baselines. Often referred to as performance measures, baselines pertain to the effectiveness of the performance of each aspect of the project. The starting points for baselines include the project’s scope, schedule (including the deadlines), and the overall cost.

Once you have set all three starting points, proceed to the other important aspects of the planning process. These should cover risk management, quality assurance, procurement, staffing and task allocation, and communications.

Collaborative Effort

Every project requires collaborative effort; when only a single person works on a project, you can expect it to fail right from the start. This said, you need to make sure everyone stays updated on every improvement, change, or revision of the project plan. Communication is key, and so is participation.

Project Management Software

Securing the right tools and equipment is another critical factor that will ensure your project reaches success and its goals. Fortunately, you can choose from a variety of project management tools. With the use of an effective project management software, you can organize tasks much easily and assign them to the most appropriate and qualified personnel, ensuring you reach the intended deadlines and due dates. In addition, these programs also allow for improved communication and better collaboration.

Even though project management can be quite difficult, taking advantage of the right tools will make your life and job easier.

3 Things Science Says about Content Creation

Science Advice about Content Creation in BrisbaneWhen it comes to writing, you either have it or you don’t. You can read a thousand books in your life, and it won't guarantee you can produce something that sells. One can learn techniques how to fuel creativity and be in the golden hour, but nothing can teach how you can translate your thoughts into compelling pieces in written format. Writing is art; well, at least that’s the consensus.

While it’s true that some individuals just don’t have it in them, many don’t think that science holds the formula for success. Especially that content creation is at the core of search engine optimisation in Brisbane, Denver, London or any part of the globe, it pays to hear what some studies have to say about persuasive copywriting.

Power of Painting Pictures

According to a study, mirror neurones cause the brain to transform anything you observe, either through watching or reading, into a feeling. This finding can be instrumental in marketing.

This is why appealing to emotions is so effective in selling brands. Using real-life scenarios as an example for the copy creates the desired feeling, which can help convert casual readers into paying customers.

Time over Money

A Stanford University research reveals that using time as a selling point over money is a more effective marketing strategy. You can control your ability to make money, to some extent, and your spending, but time is something you can’t. It runs constantly beyond your power and you only have limited supply of it.

The things people spend their time on matter more than those they buy with their dollars.

The Devil is in the Details

In online marketing, a single detail can make or break the sale. Sweating the small stuff can help convince the most conservative buyers to act. Spenders are more likely to buy products at $99 than those at $100. The difference is just a dollar, but the impact of the former is greater.

Persuasive copywriting is a combination of imagination and logic, creativity and language, art and science. If you hire a digital marketing company that sees the difference and connection between these abstract ideas, knows how to test whether or not pieces of content sell and optimise content creation based on today’s standards to your advantage, it wouldn’t be long for your pages to reach Google’s summit.

Connection Error: Knowing What Your Hotel Wi-Fi Needs

Hotel Wi-FiThese days, one of the things that hotel guests look for before checking into your hotel is whether you have free Wi-Fi. Many hotel guests feel like being able to share their travels with those who aren’t with them, which is why they want to stay connected even as they travel. 

Many guests are often unsatisfied with the Wi-Fi available in their accommodations, so here are some issues you need to take note of regarding your hotel’s Internet connection.


The smallest Wi-Fi problem can become a big issue for your guests. It's best that you know or one of your staff members know how to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi. Among the ideal solutions to these is to make use of Wi-Fi management in your hotel. Connections that have these management tools can make your connection secure, fast, and easily accessible to all your guests.


With a large number of people trying to access a single connection, it will be difficult to guarantee the security of your guests, especially when they need to log in to sites that require personal information. Public Wi-Fi connections are often the most susceptible to data leaks. It should be secure and equipped to deal with all security risks.


Internet hotspots are often limited to a number of devices that can connect to it. This is something you need to consider, especially when your hotel is a full house. You wouldn't want to disappoint your guests by limiting their connectivity and connection time. This can make them unhappy and affect the overall experience of their stay.


If your guests do manage to connect to your Wi-Fi, they might face another issue: its speed. Multiple devices connected to one server can cause a strain on your Internet’s upload and download speed. Nobody has the patience to wait for more than 15 seconds for a website to load. 

If you want to install the management tools for your hotel hotspot, contact your nearest service provider. They can walk you through the process of installing these for your hotel. With their expertise, you can be sure that your Internet connection will meet each one of your guests’ expectations.