Marketing Strategies to Appeal to Millennials

group of friends having fun with their phonesMillennials make up a large portion of the market today, so if you’re not gearing your advertisement towards them, then you’re losing a lot of your potential market. Here are some tips to reel in the millennials.

Market Online

C1 Partners explains that it is best to hire an SEO expert in Denver and start working on your website and social media accounts. Use trending hashtags and keywords in your industry to help market your product or service. You’ll find that many millennials today do their shopping or research on the Internet, so you need to have a visible presence on these social media websites.

Go Mobile

Your website should also be mobile-friendly because more often than not, many millennials today are using their smartphone or tablets to browse. You’d want a website that’s made to suit several platforms, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Offer Additional Payment Options

Millennials want to be able to pay using credit cards, cash, online payment services, or any other electronic means of payment. It makes sense to open up different avenues of payment so millennials can happily buy from your store using their payment preferences.

Be More than a Presence

Millennials love personalities that have something to say, so make a point of establishing an online persona that appeals to them. This can be done through clever posts, viral videos, and share-worthy images.  Engage with your followers and clients and feel free to use provide helpful and interesting information. Wendy’s or Taco Bell communicate with their followers, and their exchange is an interesting example of customer engagement.

Of course, you also have to consider the actual market your product or service. Feel free to create several marketing strategies to reel in different sectors of the market.

Centralise Your Business Processes with ERP

Man navigating through different devices and looking at graphs

Man navigating through different devices and looking at graphsOwners of business start-ups know that a company runs on several different processes. Depending on the industry you belong to, you will have accounting, human resources, customer services, marketing, and other integral processes to attend to.

With these separate processes, however, you may think to manage each of them individually, but you will only be putting yourself in a difficult position.

To make management easier for you, you can implement enterprise resource planning (ERP). In a nutshell, ERP centralises and streamlines all your business processes into one integrated software platform with a single database. This platform will have all the usual data definitions, allowing the different teams and departments of your company to use it easily.

Understand Your Finances

Now, what can ERP do for your company? For one, you can boost financial management. Unit4 Asia Pacific explains that by using corporate financial management systems, you can easily see the status of your company in terms of profit, income and expenses. With such a holistic overview of the company, you can gain better control over your business finances.

Make Ordering Easier

Aside from more financial power, ERP can streamline the ordering process that includes the smaller processes of order taking, inventory, accounting and distribution. Instead of having different systems to manage each process, you can have one centralised system that reduces errors and can is easier to use.

Run Your Company Holistically

Your teams and departments can better coordinate with each other when you centralise your business processes. At the same time, you can make better decisions at any point. This ability will be valuable once you face problems, which make enterprise coordination more important.

With these benefits, small to medium-sized enterprise owners can have an easier time managing their businesses. You will have more control over your business, a better understanding of your processes and more chances of succeeding in your industry.

15 Digital Marketing Stats Every Restaurant Owner Must Know

SEO blocksRunning a restaurant business in today’s digital age requires the use of online marketing. Working with a reputable digital marketing agency is a good way to get the quality services you deserve.

Like any other digital marketing efforts, SEO for restaurants does not come without difficulties. As a workaround, it would be beneficial for all restaurant owners to learn about the digital marketing statistics that matter to the operations before devising a holistic strategy.

Here are some of the most important ones:

1. Online marketing influences more than one billion restaurant visits.

2. Consumers read restaurant reviews and positive reviews are among the key decision factor among 84% of the people.

3. Even a half-star difference on Yelp reviews affect the customers’ decision-making by 27%.

4. Over 57% of patrons favour ordering online, through the business’s website.

5. About 40% of people learn about a restaurant and food, in general, through websites, blogs, and apps.

Social media marketing stats

Social media platforms affect the decision of the consumers, too.

6. Consumers recommend restaurants that respond quickly on social platforms.

7. About 93% of patrons claim that how food products appear affects the decision to purchase.

8. About 30.2% of consumers use an app when searching for a restaurant.

Facebook marketing stats

9. Over 49% of consumers search on Facebook to find the next best restaurant.

10. About 75% of patrons use Facebook in choosing a restaurant.

Instagram marketing stats

11. Instagram is number one when it comes to app engagement with various restaurant brands.

12. Fast food brands have a 21.4 engagement ratio on Instagram vs. full-service restaurants with only 18.4.

13. Instagram influencer marketing attracts 5% new customers for a restaurant.

Twitter marketing stats

14. Fast food brands receive about 57% of more than one million Twitter mentions.

15. About 94% of Twitter users plan to visit and buy from a restaurant they follow.

The people have spoken: technology is an important element in the dining experience. What does this mean for your business? Simple. Your restaurant must be in front and centre when a consumer is deciding where to dine in. That is the work of SEO, most probably local SEO.

3 Reasons to Invest in Business Intelligence

Businessman looking at charts

Businessman looking at chartsStarting and growing a business can be very tough, especially today where competition can be very heavy. That’s why many companies today look for any edge that they can have over the competition. This can involve anything from flashy advertising to ground level promotions.

One of the things people overlook is outsourced or third-party IT development for business intelligence – which has true potential to change things for the better at less cost than most people realize.

Here are three particular benefits of this.

It grants consumer insights

One of the most valuable resources available to any business are insights into consumer mindsets and behavior. These include the types of things people purchase, preferences of brands, characteristics and demographics of customers, and so many other bits of data that shape your decisions.

Business intelligence and technologies that gather that are invaluable sources of these types of information.

It makes data into actionable information

Of course, all that data isn’t worth anything if it doesn’t lead to any form of positive action or reaction. With a system set up by outsourced IT development for business intelligence, you’ll be able to sort that information effectively and even filter for bits of information that are particularly relevant to your business.

These systems can even by complex enough to analyze comparatively the information to look for relevant trends.

It improves efficiency

Finally, systems for business intelligence enhance overall productivity in your company. After all, when you are aware of what you need to focus on with your business, you can direct your personnel and energies towards what is necessary to grow your business as best as can be done.

This spares you having to waste efforts with things that the intelligence show isn’t the best for your company for business. This ultimately saves money in the long term.

With business intelligence, you get empowerment with the knowledge to understand your consumers with pinpoint precision – all to the benefit of your business. This makes it and systems for it worth the investment.

The advantages of a lightweight wheelchair

Wheelchair on road

Wheelchair on roadAdvances in wheelchair technology mean there is now a range of electric wheelchairs available for individuals with limited mobility. However, this has not relegated lightweight wheelchairs to the history books. When comparing lightweight wheelchairs against powerchairs, there are still several advantages that a non-motorised wheelchair can provide over an electric wheelchair.

Suppliers of lightweight wheelchairs, such as Karma Mobility, and wheelchair dealers can talk through the details of buying a lightweight wheelchair with users. Below are some of the key points to consider.

Ease of use

A lightweight wheelchair doesn’t come with a bulky battery or motorised parts that add to its size. This often makes it the preferable choice for home use, where navigating tight corridors and doorways on a daily basis can become a strain with a larger mobility aid.

Less maintenance

Electric wheelchairs require their batteries to be charged and being motorised can often require more maintenance, as there are more parts that can fail. A lightweight wheelchair is a simpler piece of kit, which keeps maintenance to a minimum.

Travelling on public transport

Lightweight wheelchairs can be folded away with ease. Their compact nature once packed away means that they can be more easily stowed away on public transport, such as trains, planes and the tube. There is plenty of advice available for wheelchair users on public transport that can make trips out a safer experience.

Travelling in the car can also be made easier with a lightweight wheelchair, for the same reasons of stowability.

Making the choice

As described above, there are several advantages to using a lightweight wheelchair. However, these should be considered in the light of each user’s personal needs and lifestyle. For those wanting to travel longer distances, a powerchair may still be more appropriate. Some users may want to have both a powerchair for outdoor use and a lightweight wheelchair for home use.

For those struggling to decide what kind of wheelchair to get, there are several sources to turn to for advice:

• Wheelchair suppliers
• Wheelchair dealers
• Local GP or occupational therapist
• NHS wheelchair services
• Fellow wheelchair users.

Once a user has decided what they want to purchase, funding options can also be looked into.

SIP vs. PRI: Which is Better for Your Business?

SIP displayed in the keyboardWhen the telephone was invented, it was truly revolutionary, as it allowed people to communicate over longer distances. Once it was applied to businesses, it provided companies with a convenient way to communicate with their customers.

Today, the discussion revolves around traditional PRI and modern SIP trunk service. You might be wondering which one is the best for your business. Here’s a guide to help you gain a better understanding of the service.

Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

PRI has been the industry standard since the 1980s and is the go-to technology for many companies. It requires a lot of infrastructure setup, as well as a connection to an existing telecommunication company to provide service to your business. It’s a stable setup that’s also great for smaller companies. The known disadvantage is that only a single call can be fielded at a time.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

Since the onset of the Internet, people have seen a shift towards SIP trunk for communication. This requires less infrastructure. In fact, all you need is a router and a service plan or package from a local provider. It provides options for video calling, as well as online collaboration over great distances. This is because SIP leverages data connectivity over standard telephony.

Which should you get?

Ideally, small to medium businesses without an existing setup will benefit from SIP due to the ease of system installation. The costing for this is lower than traditional communication systems. On top of that, you can field multiple calls at the same time. Bigger businesses could also benefit from SIP if they’re willing to move beyond their existing infrastructure.

Modern SIP is a good way to future-proof your business, especially if you want to target the global market. Use this guide to decide.

Are Proxy Servers a Good Business Investment?

Dentist using proxy server for his businessMost people would see proxy servers as a way to browse with anonymity or lift pesky restrictions (usually seen with online streaming services such as YouTube). On a business level, though, setting up a proxy can smoothen operations by ensuring the quality of browsing speeds, among other things.

Here are two reasons to invest in a range of proxy server software for your business.

Maintain Confidentiality

Privacy is important for businesses, especially in sensitive departments such as finances, and research and development. With the recent Equifax data leaks, the need for strong cybernetic security has never been this pronounced.

A working proxy server can protect your business from threats, both internal and external. A proxy can effectively provide you with a reliable layer of security against espionage. You can also set up measures to prevent employees from stealing your data.

Increase Browsing Speed

Especially for businesses whose operations involve steady browsing activities, a proxy can cut down on traffic drastically. A proxy software can, behind the scenes, cache pages that are being visited by multiple users, and remove ads, among other things.

This will greatly help free up precious bandwidth and prevent any data bottlenecks. A working proxy server can also prevent crashes by managing data requests. If you run a web-based service, it can be costly to have your website crash.

With a proxy, incoming traffic can be equitably distributed to keep your page from going down.

The most obvious reason to secure a proxy would be to control browsing activities within your server – the return on investment greatly exceeds just prohibiting your employees from accessing certain pages while at the office. You can never be too careful with sensitive data, even in your own backyard.

With a good server, you can ensure that your business runs smoothly and is safe from data breaches.

Top Three Applications of GNS/GPS Technology in Daily Life

Using GPS on a smartphoneGlobal Positioning System (GPS) and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) technology is available worldwide. Specific environments pose challenges signaling reliability. Nevertheless, GPS technology is continually being adapted for a widening range of products. Meanwhile, GNSS simulator testers remain vigilant in finding ways to overcome obstacles.

Consumer applications for daily use

The range of products now utilizing GPS technology is mind boggling. There is no need to browse the Web for a complete list of applications. Just pause for a bit and appreciate the fact that you will not be able to locate the restaurant you are currently dining in without it. It would be a chaotic process ordering and delivering consumer items via online platforms without GNSS/GPS technology. More products are in the works, and will find their way in the consumer market soon.

Farm equipment control

We all know that GPS technology is a standard smartphone feature. However, it may still be a surprise to many to know that the technology is also utilized in the real-time operation of farm equipment. We are talking about excavators, bulldozers, and other farm equipment. GPS utilization has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of farm operations. It is helpful in conserving resources as well.

Surveying made easy

With the help of GPS, it is now faster to determine accurate positions of specific landmarks on the earth’s surface. Without GPS-based technology, it would take an entire team a week to complete a standard land-surveying job. Now, a single person with the right equipment, expertise, and experience has the means to get the job done. Traditional surveying techniques may be accurate, but they take time. It is not surprising that surveyor were some of the first professionals to make the most of GPS applications.

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) technology is the primary tool for positioning in consumer products, farm machinery, and surveying activities. We are just skimming the surface here. For sure, it is one of the most useful technological innovations of our time.

4 Simple Tips to Modernize Your Business

Businessman installing a modern softwareRegardless of the size of your business, you will need to find ways to keep up with the quick pace of business to thrive. The fact is things can change extremely fast in the modern business world, and adapting to these changes promptly can help you stay a step ahead of your competition.

Here are some simple steps to adopt new ways of doing business:

Install modern software

If you are still using traditional methods of bookkeeping, you may want to upgrade to modern software that can help you accomplish tasks within a fraction of the time you take.

Where you want to share sensitive data with your stakeholders, opt for Internet tunnel application or software that helps keep your information safe.

Embrace cloud

More businesses are adopting cloud computing because of its numerous benefits. Cloud enables you access functionality without having to make large upfront capital investment. All you need to do is pay a low monthly fee.

Cloud also helps you scale your IT requirements appropriately without having to make major changes.

Automate daily tasks

Many businesses spend needless time and money on jobs that they could automate easily. Evaluate the activities you do on a day-to-day basis, from invoicing to social media and automate them to free up much-needed time. Automate visitor management, too, to ensure your front office staff have an easier time.

Consider hiring remote workers

In an increasingly globalized world, it is becoming the norm for people to work remotely rather than report to the office every day. Take advantage of this trend to access talent from any part of the world that can help boost your business.

Find ways to make it easy for your remote employees and in-house team to work together in a way that guarantees your success.

With the rapid changes in the modern economic landscape, business owners need to look for ways to keep up. With just a few smart tactics, you can ensure you stay relevant and profitable.

How Can Public Relations Benefit from Social Media?

Public Relations on a keyboardA press release has always been an essential tool in successfully promoting your company, but it has gone through a major transformation since the massive rise in popularity of social media.

Importance of social media in public relations

No one can deny the importance of social media in this day and age. It has revolutionized how people connect from around the globe and how businesses market their brands. But, did you know that it could also help your business?

Reaching new audiences is now easier than ever, which makes it such an important platform for public relations. This is why many companies are scrambling to utilize its power for their benefit.

Hence, it has given birth to an improved version of public relations in the form of a social media release (SMR), also known as social media press release and Social Media News Release (SMNR).

How does SMR differ from a traditional press release?

A conventional press release does not have most of the elements that make SMR’s successful. The goal of a social media release is to make its statements as shareable as possible, that is why it makes use of a social-friendly formatting that includes text, photos, videos, and other multimedia features.

It also offers readers access to relevant information and not just pure marketing.

Benefits of SMR to your business

Publishing more press releases is a good way to expose your brand to consumers more. Social media, coupled with the use of a press release distribution service, makes it easier to reach more potential customers.

Companies such as Babbler provide software solutions linking firms with their target social media influencers so sending out an SMR is easier.

People, anywhere in the world, will be able to read your press release through the convenience of the internet. Modern press releases created specifically for social media even has the potential to go viral.

Creating press releases meant specifically for social media differs a lot with traditional press releases in a sense that social media releases target the digital world. Businesses can take advantage of the convenience social media brings to improve their brand’s image.