Alarm Monitoring: Three Times You Get It Wrong

Alarm MonitoringEven if studies have shown that home security effectively decreases the occurrence of burglary, many Texans are still reluctant to have alarm monitoring for a variety of reasons. And those that chose to embrace it sometimes end up meeting with disappointment because they have misguided assertions with how it works.

While it’s not the only precaution you could do to increase your level of safety at home, alarm monitoring would actually do you more good than you think.

If you’re having second thoughts toward home security products, get these misconceptions out of the way first:

Dispatcher Is Always Notified Instantly

If you have alarm monitoring in Dallas, Fort Worth, or Houston, a trigger would notify your provider — but the communication doesn’t happen instantly all the time. Some home security companies do this to avoid sending the authorities in case of a false alarm.

Talk to your provider to know when the alarm reaches their end, and set your expectations accordingly. To minimize or eliminate delays, your home security company would work with you to reduce the likelihood of inadvertent triggers through smart designing.

It’s Not Necessary when you Live in a Nice Neighborhood

If you think you don’t need security cameras and motion sensors because the crime rate in your area is low, think again. North Star Home reminds that burglars choose their target wisely and attack when your guard is down. Never rule out the possibility that your home could be burglarized one of these days. Take every precaution you could.

Just like insurance, you might not be happy paying for it, but you’d be glad you have it when the need arises.

24-Hour Monitoring Invades Privacy

The nation is divided about whether or not security takes away your privacy. While this may be true to some extent, there are ways to prevent your own monitoring system from invading your personal space.

Strategic placement is imperative. You don’t necessarily need to put cameras in areas you’re not comfortable having eyes on. Use them in common entryways of burglars to effectively identify potential intruders without giving up your privacy.

Alarm monitoring gives you the luxury of having a smart system that watches over what matters to you. It’s on standby to notify the authorities of your emergency. It may not completely keep your family and valuables safe, but it sure helps you prevent the worst.

Smoking Out the Silent Killer: Why Every Home Should Have a CO2 Detector

CO2 DetectorFires are raging hot accidents waiting to happen. These may come from a faulty wiring, a left out smoke, a gas leak, or anything under the sun. And when it comes, you will see it.

But, did you know that there’s something even more dangerous?

It’s Carbon Monoxide (CO2) poisoning, which is not only invisible — most appliances have it, and they don’t have to malfunction for it to occur.

Below, North Star Home reveals inconvenient truths about carbon monoxide in homes and how to avoid them:

CO2 is Present in Appliances and Gadgets that Produce Heat

There’s no denying that heating benefits everyone, especially when the temperature drops. But, in exchange for the comfort of producing heat is CO2.

Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of appliances, which is an odorless, poisonous gas that can cause choking and suffocation when inhaled for extended periods. The most at risk for CO2 poisoning are those in a limited and closed-off space such as your home or workplaces.

Adverse Effects of CO2

Exposure to high CO2 levels usually results in flu-like ailments. Here are the indicators for CO2 poisoning:

  • Nausea
  • Blurred Vision
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Disorientation
  • Migraines
  • Passing Out
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Respiratory Failure
  • Hearing Loss

Precautions Against CO2 Poisoning

There’s no better way of measuring and anticipating CO2 levels other than a CO2 detector. The primary benefit of installing an alarm sensor is that it will alert you the same way a fire alarm would. This gives you a near-perfect defense against health hazards you can prevent.

Other ways to battle this dilemma include opening the windows and doors and placing a good ventilation system around your house. But, if you don’t have the budget, you can also put plants inside your house and turn off your appliances completely.

Invisible things often hurt the most, but it doesn’t have to be. By taking advantage of present technologies, it’s possible to become secure more than ever.

A Slow-Loading Web Page is Bad News For You

Loading Web PageWeb users can be extremely hard to please. But, let’s say you’re crazy enough to want to try and keep visitors out of your website, for the sake of science. If you’re looking to absolutely piss web users off, make your webpage load times unbearable. Loading speed is among the most important factors for SEO ranking, as most experts will agree. Understanding why from a business perspective is easy.

Loading time is a critical contributor to page abandonment, since the average user is extremely impatient. According to an infographic by Kiss Metrics, a page that takes between 2 to 10 seconds to load are more likely to be abandoned about 30 percent of the time.

Wait A Second… Nope, Too Long

Google’s team of engineers recognizes the trend as well. According to Google’s Arvind Jain, web users nowadays hate the idea of waiting ‘subconsciously.’ The timeframe, according to Jain, is incredibly slim — websites have literally less than a second to load up assets before a visitor gets bored entirely. That’s 400 milliseconds, to be exact. Furthermore, people are less likely to visit a website if it is slower than a competitor by over 250 milliseconds. Take note that a millisecond is one-thousandth of a second.

Why Users Love a Responsive Web Page

Experts contend that a website’s slowness can directly affect customer perception of the website itself. For them, a slow-loading website is indicative of the company’s poor attention to its upkeep. What can they expect from such a business in a real world scenario, then?

Responsive websites also do one thing for users: it makes them feel more in control. Of course, who doesn’t like to take the reins? It’s basically hardwired into the human brain. People have the tendency to want to be in control because we seek certain things: a sense of certainty, an understanding of how things work, and making sure our surroundings stay consistent with our standards. What this means to web users and responsive websites is easy to see: a company website that values their time is an excellent choice to do business with.

Mobile Web Users are the Toughest of the Bunch

Since mobile platforms tend to be more limited in terms of hardware capability, websites tend to load slower when browsed on them. It’s a bit unfair, since mobile users are the most impatient of the lot; being on-the-go and all. Experts reveal that the most time mobile users will wait for a website to load is 6-10 seconds. That number constitutes a small 30 percent of the sample size.

If your company’s website suffers from extremely slow loading times, it’s time to fix it. The numbers speak for themselves, and blatant negligence of current trends has no place in SEO.

Growing Solar Panels on the Moon Might Just Solve the World’s Energy Problem

Solar PanelsThere is an energy crisis looming. Progress in coming up with a harmless energy source is too slow to give anyone peace of mind. The burning of fossil fuels continues to chip away at the planet’s already severely damaged atmosphere. People are banking on a sooner-rather-than-later solution to present itself. Scientists are exhaustively searching for a power source that could satisfy both the environmental and the (unavoidable) financial situation.

In the search for a way to ensure the continuance of life on Earth, all ideas are now fair game. Ideas that will make sci-fi buffs weep in awe.

Before Our Eyes

It would be no surprise to hear anyone from engineers to homeowners, from solar panel manufacturers to installers, say that the true solution to the energy conundrum comes in the form of those dark, gleaming, photovoltaic panels. The science behind it is solid, the practicality unparalleled, and the potential truly lifesaving.

Drawing power from the sun—that thing that’s up in the sky until literally the end times—is itself the stuff of medieval dreams. Adoption of the technology is rapid, but not rapid enough; which is why a single student suggests bringing adoption to a mandatory planetary/lunar level, and scientists are saying that it just might work.

Humble Ideas

Justin Lewis-Weber, a high school senior from California, recently published a proposal that says it is possible to outsource the placement of solar panels beyond Earth, specifically the moon. Since solar panels tend to take up space (the entire state of Nevada to power the world, to be exact), he proposed that the best way to provide electricity to the entire planet without having an entire time zone covered in panels and batteries is by transmitting them from space instead.

Lewis-Weber’s proposal is optimal in several ways. First, placing solar panels outside the atmosphere increases exposure to the sun by 27%. Second, there will be a near-constant stream of light, regardless of time of day. Finally, lunar solar panels will be able to self-replicate to drive installation costs down, at least according to Lewis-Weber.

Sending up a self-cloning array of solar panels, equipped with 3D printers and microwave power transmission, will not be an easy or affordable task. But, if covering the moon in solar panels can solve the energy crisis and other life-threatening crises along with it, people sure wouldn’t mind spending nights on Earth under the toasty electric moonlight.

The Latest in Mobile Collaboration Portals

Mobile collaboration portals are at the forefront of telecommunications technologies, allowing teams to work remotely from any location. Data sharing, improved search features, and integrated multimedia support increase productivity. They now provide more seamless communication channels for its users.

Man Using His Mobile PhoneSecurity for Multimedia Communication

Multimedia communication in the form of VoIP and video chat are invaluable tools for mobile collaboration platforms. Companies now require more secure voice and data network solutions to ensure the confidentiality of their data. Since mobile collaboration allows remote access to information, there is a greater risk of data leaks.

To counteract phishing and data leaks, companies such as Google have implemented stricter Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) policies, especially for its email utilities. DMARC is a data authentication tool that secures communication channels. It identifies phishing and other confidentiality risks. DMARC is gaining traction on the global scale, with a 22% increase of adoption rates from 2015.  

New Updates in Mobile Collaboration

Both Microsoft and Google released new updates to their mobile collaboration portals last January 2016. Google, on one hand, has released a new commenting option for its Google Docs platform. It now has additional Android and iOS support, so that mobile users can add and read comments on edited documents. The commenting option has previously only been available to PC users, limiting the functionality of Google Docs on mobile devices.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has finally added real-time authoring to its Microsoft Office Online suite. This allows users to view edits in real-time, which prevents duplicates and inconsistencies in uploaded files.

Microsoft has also improved its sharing options, allowing users to upload files on various cloud services. Google has already been implementing these features on Google Docs, so it is a bit of a late addition to Microsoft’s productivity suites.

With these new updates, mobile collaboration platforms are now more compatible over multiple devices. Smartphones and tablets are powerful tools for on-the-go productivity, and new data solutions are being implemented to keep up with the demand of the users. Companies are no longer limited to in-house collaboration, allowing team members in other locations to communicate effectively over long distances. 

What Every Newbie Should Know About SEO

SEO services in Brisbane

SEO Services in BrisbaneDigital marketers seem so adept and very knowledgeable about it. Even industry experts will always tell you that SEO is the in-thing to do. But individuals who may have been introduced to the world of the Internet just recently may be at a loss as to what this SEO thing really is.

While one can simply get SEO services in Brisbane and leave all the work to the experts, it still pays to have at least basic understanding of this marketing strategy.

More than an Acronym

SEO or search engine optimisation is a series of processes or activities that you do in order to gain more traffic into your own website. This is done by making sure that the world’s major search engines like Google and Bing adequately and correctly recognise certain elements of your website.


A number of individuals who use a variety of Internet-enabled devices visit every website. The number of persons who visit a particular website is called traffic. You can consider this as the number or volume of persons who will visit your house at any given time.

Why Get Traffic?

If you use your website only to post whatever it is you like posting, you do not need to generate traffic. However, there is a reason why you put up a website in the first place. Either you want to share something or you want to be recognised by others. Either way, you need to be known by the very same people you want to attract or share something to. This is the reason why you need to get traffic.

 How does SEO Help?

When people use the Internet to search for something, they use platforms like Google or Bing. These search engines then begin the task of finding websites that are considered ‘relevant’ to the word being searched. Google and Bing employ a complex set of algorithms to determine the exactness of fit of websites to the search parameters.

So, websites that meet the requirements of these algorithms will be ranked-ordered in the results page. The higher a website is in the results page, the greater is the chance that the person will visit it.

In essence, SEO helps your website land a lot better in the rankings. This translates to better visibility among Internet users, which leads to more traffic to your website. This is why, according to, you need SEO services in Brisbane.

There are plenty of resources about how to do SEO. The one thing that needs to be clear from the very start is that SEO is a tool to generate traffic to your website.


Cooling Matters: You Can’t Disregard Quality Air Conditioning

Noisy AC Units

Noisy AC UnitsTry putting the air conditioning unit off for a day and watch your office productivity plummet in record time. Quality air conditioning matters not only on productive operations, but also on employee health. Without an efficient cooling system, your office environment may experience a range of drawbacks.
Creating Productive Environments

Studies show that employees perform best at a certain level of temperature, dubbed as the peak performance temperature. When temperatures are lower or higher than this, productivity plunges.
One study by the Northumbria University examines the effects of office temperature. With over 400 employees in 16 different locations, the study revealed that workers lost focus and were easily distracted during the afternoon – when temperatures were colder than comfortable.
Another study from Finland shows that a room temperature of 21 degrees Celsius is best for maximum productivity. Whilst there is a gap between the actual peak performance temperature for each country, these studies show how air conditioning plays a central role in the proper functioning of your office. There is more to this, though.
As says, quality air conditioning can bring a positive impact on your health. Not only does it give you more breathable air, its fundamental health benefits are numerous.
Helping Commercial Establishments
With all these benefits, it is important to make sure quality air conditioning is part of larger commercial establishments. Commercial air conditioning can be a huge lift in overall workplace productivity. Nothing can drain employee energy and moral faster than an overly hot working environment.
In this regard, regular maintenance is key. Without consistent care, HVAC systems in large buildings can easily deteriorate. This is especially true with outdated heating and cooling systems.
Getting state-of-the-art commercial air conditioning design and installation should be part of your office plans. While it may cost more upfront, this will help you save on repair expenses in the end.


Float Like a Butterfly: Why Maneuverability Wins in Quadcopters

Float Like a Butterfly

Float Like a ButterflyDrones and quadcopters have gone from novelty gadgets to near indispensable tools for your home. Whether it’s for surveying your neighborhood or adding an extra layer of security to your house, the market is full of drones that cater to any purpose, and there’s certainly no shortage of enthusiasts who want to take them out for a spin.

But, what exactly makes a drone the right one for the job? Some would argue that the best quadcopter is the one with a good camera. Since these are supposed to traverse areas we usually can’t go to, however, consider mobility and maneuverability as your top priorities.

Avoiding the Dangers

Quadcopters are filling in many roles in society that make work a lot easier. They either take on the usual role of a flying CCTV camera or act as land surveyors in farms, just to name a few. Unfortunately, many first time drone users and even some experienced ones make the mistake in thinking that every flight is going to be a smooth one; it’s not. Often, the drone has to maneuver through many obstacles to do its job right, and that’s why its mobility is a defining factor in your choice.

Many of the more popular drones in 2015 are focusing on control and mobility rather than enhanced camera equipment, and there’s a good reason for this. The sky may be clear now, but there’s no telling when the weather might suddenly turn sour and your poor quadcopter will find itself constantly battered by strong winds, potentially hitting electric poles and trees.

If you’re planning on getting a drone, choose one with superior mobility like the Blade 350 qx3 quadcopter. Not only does it have good aerial mobility, the Blade 350 qx3’s waypoints systems actually makes flying this particular drone a lot easier and safer.

Control and Mobility

When it comes to surveying and charting land, maneuverability certainly wins. In times of crisis, such as natural disasters, a quadcopter’s mobility makes it easier for it to perform its job of surveying an area and checking for survivors. Its maneuverability doesn’t just extend to its performance; it also makes your job controlling it a lot easier.

The next time you’re planning on getting a drone, whether it’s for recreational purposes or to add another layer of security to your home, consider getting one that has better aerial mobility and maneuverability. Not only will it be easier to control, you’ll also have less to worry about crashing it.