For Every Athlete: Having the Right Attitude Toward Your Weaknesses

Woman running

Woman runningGreat skills and great physique will only get you so far as an athlete. Equally important in helping you become a good athlete is your attitude, especially toward your shortcomings.

Be objective.

It’s only when you can objectively assess yourself that you’ll learn of not only your strengths but also your weaknesses. You shouldn’t let yourself get fixated on just your strengths, however. Instead, put more effort into improving your weaknesses.

If you’re a baseball pitcher, for example, and know for a fact that you throw great curveballs but struggle with fastballs, spend more time practicing your fastball and use a Stalker radar gun, which you can purchase from online stores like Radar Sports, LLC, to track and develop your pitch speed better.

Be open.

Sometimes it takes other people to let you know how you’re performing. Your coaches and teammates will often give you positive and negative feedback. Graciously accept the good comments and take the bad ones in stride. Remember that these people only want what’s best for you and, ultimately, the team.

If your basketball coach, for example, tells you that you don’t make enough three-point shots, get over yourself and work on it, so you’ll be in a better position to help yourself and the team.

Be resourceful.

If after working on your weaknesses you still don’t see any marked improvement, don’t worry. For sure, there are still other ways to improve your play. Review game videos or talk to your coach and teammates and find out how else you can contribute.

Maybe it’s by pitching more curveballs or rebounding the basketball more. Whatever it is, the important thing is you exhaust all resources available to you to become a better player and teammate.

While skills and body type are essential to become a good athlete, it’s your attitude toward your limitations that can help you become a great one.

Marketing Your Self-Published Book: Tips for Boosting Online Visibility

a woman using online marketing to promote her bookOne of the things self-published authors do to sell their books online is creating a website. It should not stop there, however, because having quality work and online presence doesn’t necessarily mean that people would already discover you. Especially now that publishing literature is easier than ever, the competition is even tougher.

Here are the basic things you should do to cut through the noise and bring your books in front of Internet users:

Insert keyword strings

It’s imperative to make your book more discoverable with keywords. However, don’t just focus on words, but rather on the actual string of words people type in whenever they surf the Web. The biggest mistake rookie self-published authors commit is inserting the wrong keywords or keyword strings.

Other than manually looking for trending search queries, investing in artificial intelligence-powered software is an effective way to find high-performance metadata to drive traffic fast, stresses StoryFit.

Don’t underestimate metadata

Metadata is granular information that helps make your online pages more searchable. It jumps through the screen whenever it matches someone’s query. Optimizing the meta title and description of each of your pages is key to grabbing people’s attention and compelling them to click the link to learn more about you and your work.

Get reviews

Authentic reader reviews add legitimacy to your brand as a self-published author. Before you release a book, contact a number of people for advanced reading and reviews. Of course, it’s best to have influencers so you can take advantage of their clout to market your work effectively.

Make changes when necessary

You can’t do things right the first time. Since user search behavior changes from time to time, you ought to adapt to keep your pages organically visible in search engines.

The most successful self-published authors are both creative and strategic. Learn how to optimize every space you get on the Internet and use it to best effect.

Top Three Applications of GNS/GPS Technology in Daily Life

Using GPS on a smartphoneGlobal Positioning System (GPS) and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) technology is available worldwide. Specific environments pose challenges signaling reliability. Nevertheless, GPS technology is continually being adapted for a widening range of products. Meanwhile, GNSS simulator testers remain vigilant in finding ways to overcome obstacles.

Consumer applications for daily use

The range of products now utilizing GPS technology is mind boggling. There is no need to browse the Web for a complete list of applications. Just pause for a bit and appreciate the fact that you will not be able to locate the restaurant you are currently dining in without it. It would be a chaotic process ordering and delivering consumer items via online platforms without GNSS/GPS technology. More products are in the works, and will find their way in the consumer market soon.

Farm equipment control

We all know that GPS technology is a standard smartphone feature. However, it may still be a surprise to many to know that the technology is also utilized in the real-time operation of farm equipment. We are talking about excavators, bulldozers, and other farm equipment. GPS utilization has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of farm operations. It is helpful in conserving resources as well.

Surveying made easy

With the help of GPS, it is now faster to determine accurate positions of specific landmarks on the earth’s surface. Without GPS-based technology, it would take an entire team a week to complete a standard land-surveying job. Now, a single person with the right equipment, expertise, and experience has the means to get the job done. Traditional surveying techniques may be accurate, but they take time. It is not surprising that surveyor were some of the first professionals to make the most of GPS applications.

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) technology is the primary tool for positioning in consumer products, farm machinery, and surveying activities. We are just skimming the surface here. For sure, it is one of the most useful technological innovations of our time.

The Office Christmas Party Checklist

Office party people having drinksThe office Christmas party is an opportunity for employees to have fun. Aside from reflecting on the company’s year-long performance or the plans, it is their non-monetary reward and the culminating recognition of their hard work for the year.

If you are part of the team tasked to organise the party, then you know how important it is. Apart from the program and the refreshments, here is a checklist of essential things to consider before putting up a successful Christmas party:

1. Find good lights and sounds.

This is the technical aspect of the things you should consider. Your chosen venue may already have an in-house lighting and sound system, but of course, you can always opt to provide for yourself. If your company does not have its own lights and sound system, you could always look for audio equipment to hire. Phonophobia Ltd knows there are a lot of them in the market, but be on the lookout for those with years of experience and a proven track record.

2. Pick your theme.

You need not limit your office Christmas party to the traditional stuff such as Santa Claus, reindeers, and snowmen. Once the spirit of the season hits the city, you will see the usual decorations everywhere. The idea here is to create your own that will involve the participation of all your personnel. For example, we have the 90s theme where everybody has to dress up in their Britpop, grunge, rave, or hip-hop outfits — think Oasis, Nirvana, The Prodigy, MC Hammer or The Spice Girls.

3. Decide on the venue.

Unless you have a big enough space to hold your event within your company’s premises, you will need to come up with this decision. Firstly, the venue has to be spacious enough to accommodate a 100% attendance with room to walk around and socialise. The last thing you’d want is a Christmas party that feels more like a claustrophobic jam-packed rock concert. Secondly, the chosen location has to be more or less near your company’s address. And lastly, consider the availability of parking space.

An office Christmas party can be a yearly spectacle your employees will always look forward to. It will entertain them, and more importantly, keep them engaged. You just have to have a great plan.

Want to be the Best Tennis Player You can Be? Here Are Tennis Equipment Worth Checking Out.

Tennis PlayerTennis players require more than just rackets, tennis balls and uniforms. If you are planning on playing tennis well, there are other types of gear you need. The following are four different types of tennis equipment you may want to check out to improve your game.

Speed Ranging Gadgets

You can enhance your tennis skills when you know the speed of the ball you hit. To improve your game, a radar gun, such as the stalker radar gun, is handy in ensuring you get the best readings of your performance. In the event you are training or in a tournament, it will help you know where you went wrong and how you can improve.

Vibration Dampeners

The whole point of these dampeners is to decrease the vibration a player feels when they hit a tennis ball. If you have sensitive hands, then you may want to consider these dampeners. Some professionals play with them while others don’t. They are commonly used when the vibration of the racket’s strings affects game play.


This is something that most tennis players forget. It is important as it will prevent you from getting sunburn in the middle of a game. Weather is unpredictable. Applying sunscreen will protect you in the event that the sun’s heat becomes unexpectedly more intense. Sunburns are not only painful, they might also cause you to lose focus during the game.

Tennis Grips

A tennis racket’s grip ensures control over your swings. You can use the custom grip which comes with a racket. If not, opt to get an additional grip, which is especially helpful if you find that the racket tends to be slippery.

All these are equipment you can use not only to improve your tennis game, but to also make sure you are performing at your best. Don’t settle for cheap, rinky-dink sports equipment. You’ll regret it in the long run.

Things to Remember When Upgrading Your Current SQL Server Environment

SQL ConceptThe first task of any user considering a server upgrade is deciding on the right upgrade method.

Some people prefer to perform side-by-side upgrades, but they are only applicable for users with a separate hardware and resources to provide a readily available reversion strategy. These take longer and cost more. But downtime can be minimised by compartmentalising to individual applications only.

Others choose an in-place upgrade, also known as the all-or-nothing approach. True to this depiction, an in-place upgrade poses greater risks in the event of an upgrade failure that occurs when even one database does not work properly on the new server and requires a do-over, doubling up cost and time.

Let Professionals Handle It

Here’s a reminder for those who plan to launch an upgrade on their own: without proper due diligence, it can lead to databases that no longer function correctly or worse yet, void an application vendor’s support agreement. This should convince any business outfit to hire SQL server consulting professionals for adequate guidance and assistance. Due to the risks in handling important information systems, this may be a task that you cannot perform hands-on.

Here are other considerations you should add to your check-list.

Why Upgrade?

This is the first question whenever an upgrade project comes up. Why take a perfectly good system that works just fine and make a series of amendments? For one, the SQL Server 2016 offers new features, including Dynamic Data Masking, Always Encrypted, Stretch Database, Row Level Security, Automatic soft NUMA, Query Store and Temporal Tables.

Users also get upgrades to features released in other versions, such as In-memory OLTP (online transaction processing), Always on Availability Groups and DBCC CHECKDB.

Old features and tools may not work with your server and in the event of an unfixable incompatibility issue. In cases of failure, the entire server needs to be restored from backup, which is extremely time-consuming with SQL Server, especially those where additional high availability configurations are being used.

Which drives us back to the point that it is advisable to hire a DBA professional who can advise you on what features will likely cause problems along the way. Their expertise on the process ultimately ensures a seamless upgrade that causes the least amount of damage to the client.

More than Just Wires and Tech: Competitiveness in SIP Trunking

A CloudCopper wires no longer solely reign supreme in the field of providing telephone services—thanks to the Internet.

Recent innovations in technology removed infrastructure-related challenges, paving the way for startups and smaller businesses to thrive in the telecom industry. Fortunately, it coincides with the growth of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market, an industry driven by participants focused on promoting VoIP solutions in various fields, as defined by researchers from Future Market Insights.a

The growing market fuels others interested in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking industry; you might be one of them.

SIPTRUNK, Inc. supports this claim, adding that Telco dealers, agents, and IT consultants across the country realized that offering private labeled SIP trunks offers a better revenue stream and customer loyalty.

Anyone can join, but what does it take to be competitive in this industry?

The Face of the Service

The quality of SIP trunking experience depends on a number of parties; as a reseller, however, represents the fact of the service. Customers experiencing trouble with their trunking connections will flock to you, the reseller.

A deep understanding of the service prepares you for their queries. It pays to be one with the SIP ecosystem; start by learning about new services and revenue systems. Also, prioritize interoperability and proper documentation, which are essential when solving typical SIP-related issues.

Learning more about SIP offers information on common customer troubles, such as poor phone quality, dropped calls, and one way audios. SIP trunking providers work hard in totally eliminating these problems, but they still have a long way to go. Your role is to help clients go through registration failures and codec settings.

Offer Free Trials

Not everyone is comfortable with immediately switching to SIP trunking. Gain their trust by offering a free trial. Let potential clients experience the service first, but make sure your offer is reasonable. There is no permanent rule on how long trials should last, but 30 to 90 days is enough.

As more businesses consider SIP trunking, your objective is to reel them in. Stay ahead of the competition by keeping the reminders above in mind.

Group LOTO Procedures: Addressing Human Error

Line of people thinkingProper machine lockout to prevent disaster already poses a challenge for one person. Add more people in the equation, and human error will occur.

Group lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures are complicated. Since it includes more people, miscommunication may put the workplace in danger. To prevent machinery-related accidents, regular practise of lockout/tagout techniques is necessary.

Apart from having the proper LOTO products, you need to prioritise proper preparation; otherwise, group lockout programs will fail.

Extra Yet Unprepared Set of Hands

Some companies prefer to implement solo lockout procedures due to unprepared employees participating in group assignments. Why ask other people to mind the locks and valves when one will suffice?

Simple jobs still benefit from extra pairs of hands and preparation still matters. When unprepared employees participate, there’s a risk of the originator’s lock blocking members of the group. Removing the locks of each isolation point offers more room for protection, but it will take time.

Instead of dealing with a snake of hands and locks, each isolation point should have a group lock, which you secure more with a personal hasp. This enables other members to lock the system without worries.

Coordination Matters

If your business calls for frequent group LOTO activities, train them for coordination. This can be difficult to achieve, especially if you work with a mixed group. With enough patience, however, it is achievable.

Start by appointing a lockout leader who will manage machine-related procedures. Also, it helps to have group lock boxes that come with individual identifications. The group should also have keyed-alike locks. The lockout leader must secure each boxed-key set and apply the personal lock to ensure no movement from the machines.

The To-Do List

Seamless group LOTOs begin with a good plan. Start by reviewing the Ministry of Manpower’s safety on lockout procedures as a basis for the written programme. Your plan should meet the machine’s specifications and the process’ needs. Workers involved should also have enough training and knowledge on lockout procedures.

Routine inspections also ensure the group performs well. Should you spot areas for improvement, hold training and encourage participation.

Start Your Start-Up: Building an Online Business

Young Woman with Online Business Concept

Young Woman with Online Business ConceptThe online world is the alternate universe of the real world. Everybody’s in it. If this doesn’t sink in, just look at the statistics and figures—people are already communicating via different social media platforms.

Taking this into account, you need to take your business online, too! Otherwise, you’ll be left behind in the competition. If you think that setting up an online business is difficult, think again. It’s pretty simple, given that you have the right tools. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when building your online store.

Your Website

This is a must-have for every e-commerce start-ups. Before you create your website, you must decide whether you’re going to build it from scratch or use an existing platform. For starters, seasoned businesspeople recommend using e-commerce platforms. This is because they’re easier to maintain, more affordable, and secure. Should you take this route, all you need to do is find a good designer or developer that is adept at Magento website development.

Your Engagement Platform

Integration is an essential element in building an online presence. At this point, you need to set up social media platforms that will help you build a harmonious relationship with your customers. Doing this will also help you build a community that talks about your brand, which in turn will help improve your business’ reputation.

Your Analytics

Going online will help you find customer insights, as it’s much easier to find out what others are talking about. These insights will help you craft smart and engaging marketing campaigns. If you want to get the data you need, you will need analytics tools.

Building an online business may require some things, but each of them is going to be worth it. To help you build your dream business, work with the right partners—from web developers to social media specialists.

Why a Multi-Faceted Competitive Strategy is Necessary for e-Commerce Firms

Man using a laptopEvery e-commerce company should know by now that an increasing number of target consumers have begun to be more active in using the Internet. For this sole reason, more companies have sought to make the most of this trend by attempting to reach a wider audience. Strategies, such as search engine marketing (SEM) and online advertisements, are only some of the common tactics that businesses use to secure potential clients.

As more companies venture into the highly competitive online market, you should be asking: "Is your business reaching the right audience, or let alone enough users?"

Proactive Steps

While SEM and digital ads continue to be a good way to increase your brand’s online presence, the rapid pace of growth in the e-commerce industry has given birth to other means of outsmarting your rivals. Competitive price monitoring, for example, allows companies to monitor competitors’ prices for their products and services.

Aside from knowing how your competitor sells which product at what price, it also helps your business acquire market intelligence on where to sell it. After all, knowing your niche is important to avoid getting lost in the enormous cyberspace that is the Internet.

Physical Competition

If your online business focuses on selling consumer goods, it’s not only competition from other online retailers that you should be mindful of. While the e-commerce sector has shaken the traditional retail industry, it doesn’t mean that physical stores will shut down because of increased competition.

In New Jersey, a survey showed that three out of four conventional retail companies do not expect their online counterparts to pose a significant threat to their business growth. Part of this confidence has to do with these companies adapting to a changing industry landscape, as they decided to add some form of online tools to their stores.

Online companies should be flexible in adopting alternative kinds of strategies to keep up with competition because as digital technology keeps progressing, industries will continue to find ways to innovate how they conduct business.