Cooling Matters: You Can’t Disregard Quality Air Conditioning

Noisy AC UnitsTry putting the air conditioning unit off for a day and watch your office productivity plummet in record time. Quality air conditioning matters not only on productive operations, but also on employee health. Without an efficient cooling system, your office environment may experience a range of drawbacks.
Creating Productive Environments

Studies show that employees perform best at a certain level of temperature, dubbed as the peak performance temperature. When temperatures are lower or higher than this, productivity plunges.
One study by the Northumbria University examines the effects of office temperature. With over 400 employees in 16 different locations, the study revealed that workers lost focus and were easily distracted during the afternoon – when temperatures were colder than comfortable.
Another study from Finland shows that a room temperature of 21 degrees Celsius is best for maximum productivity. Whilst there is a gap between the actual peak performance temperature for each country, these studies show how air conditioning plays a central role in the proper functioning of your office. There is more to this, though.
As says, quality air conditioning can bring a positive impact on your health. Not only does it give you more breathable air, its fundamental health benefits are numerous.
Helping Commercial Establishments
With all these benefits, it is important to make sure quality air conditioning is part of larger commercial establishments. Commercial air conditioning can be a huge lift in overall workplace productivity. Nothing can drain employee energy and moral faster than an overly hot working environment.
In this regard, regular maintenance is key. Without consistent care, HVAC systems in large buildings can easily deteriorate. This is especially true with outdated heating and cooling systems.
Getting state-of-the-art commercial air conditioning design and installation should be part of your office plans. While it may cost more upfront, this will help you save on repair expenses in the end.

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