Demystifying Myths on Global Satellite Internet Services

Man calling on his phone and using the internet on a laptopModern evolution and advancements in technology cannot be complete without mentioning high Internet speeds. Satellite Internet providers have played a significant role in delivering quality connections. Although the current technology is top-notch, misconceptions about satellite Internet are still holding down some people. Are you one of them?

Below are seven myths about global satellite internet services and the truth you need to know:

Myth #1: Satellite Internet is Expensive

Satellite Internet technology was expensive when it first hit the market, but almost everyone can afford it now. However, the cost of installing satellite Internet greatly depends on your choice of provider.

Myth #2: Satellite Internet Speeds are Slow

Satellite internet offers you enough speed to do anything you would want to do on the Web. It likewise provides you with highly favourable upload and download speeds.

Myth #3: The Satellite Receiver Must be on the Roof

You will find most satellite receivers on the roof of buildings. But that is not the only option. Upon site survey at your home or office, a satellite installer can advise on the best location for the receiver.

Myth #4: Satellite Internet Ties up Phone Communication

Satellite is capable of delivering two-way high Internet speeds over satellite. You can explore the Internet and receive a call at the same time.

Myth #5: Satellite Internet Connections Do Not Happen in Rural Areas

Contrary to what most people think, satellite Internet can reach rural areas. All you need is a clear line of sight to receive signals for an Internet connection.

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Myth #6: Satellite Internet Installation Takes Ages

Satellite technology has advanced and the installation process nowadays takes just a few hours. What you need are a satellite dish, a modem and two coaxial cables, and the setup will be quick and easy.

Myth #7: You Cannot Connect Multiple Devices

With satellite Internet, you can add multiple devices with Wi-Fi capabilities to your network using a router.

Satellite Internet has transformed today’s digital world. As such, you should not be left behind just because of some old beliefs or words that you heard from an old friend. Get factual information and enjoy the benefits of modern technology.