Four Common IT Solutions for Small Businesses

IT SolutionsTechnology has leveled the playing field for small and big businesses alike. More and more companies are realising that strong IT investments translate to improved business performance and better returns. According to research, more than 80% of small businesses are contemplating putting more money in IT efforts.

Here are some of the most common and effective IT solutions employed by businesses:

  • Mobile applications – Smartphones are the default gadgets of the average consumer. It is no surprise that most businesses use mobile applications to reach their market, improve their operations, and cut costs. Businesses invest in ads to reach their customers. They also build apps to get their services to the market by providing a more convenient way to order online. They also improve efficiency using apps to organise and monitor work processes.
  • AnalyticsData analytics have enabled small business to understand their customers and adjust their offerings according to consumer preferences and buying habits. Businesses also use it to improve their operations, as they can collate data to predict demand or improve delivery routes.
  • Cloud storage – Applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft SkyDrive have helped small businesses with their storage needs without shelling out large amounts of cash for physical hard drives. As NEX CorporateIT explains, cloud-based applications have also made it possible to work from home or any location, giving way to faster transactions and project completion.
  • Mobile security – Given the number of transactions, business processes, and communication transmitted over the Internet and the possibility of data theft, mobile security is a top concern. Companies and available applications get their share of the IT funds to secure sensitive mobile data.

The key to a strategic IT infrastructure is either building your own IT department for developing company-specific solutions or outsourcing it from a network solutions company. If you are a small business dreaming of making it big in your trade, these considerations should be your top priority now.