Homeless Man Learns How To Code and Finishes an App

CodingPatrick McConlogue, a 23 year old Manhattan-based programmer, taught a homeless man how to code and they are about to release their app geared to help in the planet’s plight against global warming and climate change.

It began gaining exposure through a post at Medium about a year ago, which resulted in a bit of backlash from the Internet’s reading community. McConlogue admitted his phrasing of the title might have contributed to the amount of untoward reaction his effort received.

How They Did It

Despite the negative reaction when McConlogue’s idea began, the process seemed to have generated slow praise and later, even commendation. McConlogue gave Leo, his new homeless student, JavaScript books, a basic laptop and an internet hotspot.

He told Leo he could give him $100 a day or he can learn to code. He said yes to coding and they began their arduous journey. Every day, McConlogue met with him and taught him how to code. After his mentor leaves to go to work, Leo spent about four hours on his own, practicing and reading the books.

The Life of the Homeless

Leo lost his job back in 2011 and after being priced out of his luxurious neighborhood, he made the choice of living on the streets. In a separate report, he was quoted as saying New York City is expensive. When McConlogue approached him with an offer, he thought coding meant coating, as in the dessert.

He said, “it’s really hard to convince people that you are not a bad person, or a drug addict or a crazy. How are you gonna do that when you are homeless, and that’s how the homeless are depicted? It’s not always a negative thing but people don’t know that.”

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Where They are Headed

The pair aims to develop an app that positively contributes to the worldwide effort of reducing carbon footprint and climate change. It sounds promising, and even the biggest players of the industry of mobile and technological development are impressed.

They have been invited to Google to do video chats and they have also been affiliated with the tech blog Mashable. Even if Leo didn’t seem to know what Mashable was, or if maybe he’s just a stepping stone in McConlogue’s spotlight, he said he doesn’t care. As long as he’s learning, he’s glad to be living.