How to Successfully Manage Projects on the Cloud

Project Management Software

New to project management in the cloud? Project managers used to the more traditional way of managing projects—not cloud-based—that involve face-to-face contact with a team on a regular basis, and scheduled meetings are understandably uncomfortable about the switch to cloud-based project management. Don’t fret; below are some practical guidelines to help you stay on top of your project.

Select the Right Project Management Software

You’ll no doubt struggle to manage your project if you don’t use the right software that perfectly fits your organization’s goals. Determine which features you need to have as well as all the functions that you could do without. Otherwise, you might be paying too much by choosing software that’s chock full of redundant features you have no use for.

Waterfall, Agile, Prince2 and Other Traditional Methodologies

All of these still apply your projects, even if they’re cloud-based. These are time-tested best practices that could provide you immense value.

Pay Close Attention to Storage

You have to think about these essential questions related to storage regularly:

  • Do you have an estimated growth regarding the environment?
  • Would you have ample storage for VMs?
  • What particular type of performance should you anticipate?
  • What about availability SLA and specific protocols used?

Likewise, take note that upgrades and backups could significantly impact your storage requirements. You must address all these and other relevant issues every time you begin a new project.

Ample Preparation is Still Very Much Crucial

Unfortunately, time won’t always be on your side, and to use time wisely, you must preplan and test all the key components for all your projects. Evaluate, review, and plan through as many contingencies as possible before starting a project.

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Include Compliance and Security Issues when Preplanning

With the many DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks and website security breaches, your project’s security should be a prime concern. If you client hasn’t discussed compliance or security, make sure to ask. Handing credentials, authentication protocols, and secure logins, all play a very crucial part in effective security.

Yes, you might still be reeling with all the changes of current cloud-based project management principles, but think about the benefits that it could provide—better and faster collaboration as well communication and reduced costs among other. Keep your eye on the prize, which is the completion of your project and keeps these tips in mind to ensure your project’s success.