Integrating Social Media in SEO Activities

Social Media Activity in PerthThe value of social media integration with search engine optimisation activities can be best described as a roller coaster ride. In the 2013 report of Ecoconsultancy, 74 out of 100 companies identified fully integrated social media in their SEO strategies as a major component of driving business. This was taken with much enthusiasm by the entire online marketing industry only to be dampened with the comments from Google itself that social media does not affect SEO rankings.

Whether this is true or not, many industry experts believe that one way to fully optimise your market presence is by capitalising on the power and reach of social media networking platforms.

Here are some ways to successfully integrate your own social media into your Perth SEO activities.

Expand Your Base of Followers

Like the traditional form of marketing, the greater your market base, the greater the opportunity for the generation of leads and sales. However you look at it, this is the end-goal of search engine optimisation – to drive to your business as much valuable traffic as possible. Strive to get high-quality followers as these can significantly improve your visibility on Internet searches. Whether Google encourages it or not, social signals can definitely work to your advantage.

Strive to Improve Your Reputation

While it may take time to build a reputation, you can start by posting and sharing information that your followers can truly relate to. Post videos and infographics as well as white papers to feed your followers’ natural curiosity. You can also initiate gaining references from other social media accounts that have excellent reputation.

Be Creative in your Posts

Your posts need not only be visually creative; they also need to contain information that is strategically laced with specific keywords and keyword phrases to help improve your Internet search visibility.

Invest in Local Listings

Because search engines are now placing greater emphasis on locally targeted SEOs, it is always a good idea to engage your own town-mates through social media. This creates a certain level of trustworthiness on your social media presence, which can be factored in by search engines.

Whether or not you believe that social signals are no longer indicators of SEO success, having a social media presence can still help drive home the business that you are offering. By serving your local community and by relying on the networks of friends of your followers, you will essentially reach that stage where traffic will be steadily streaming in.