Is Your SEO Campaign a Success? 3 Metrics You Should Be Tracking

3 SEO Metrics to Track in BrisbaneNow that you’ve finally launched your SEO campaign, how will you know exactly what works and what don’t? There are plenty of ways to monitor your SEO results and below are three key metrics you might want to start with.

  1. Your Keyword Rankings

While some SEO experts don’t really consider this metric that important, it’s still an excellent way to get some idea on how your site is doing; kind of like a general checkup of your websites' health if you will. Just don’t get too obsessed with keyword rankings because keep in mind that your end goal is to increase relevant web traffic that will support your business. This means you have to reevaluate your keywords every now and then to ensure that they’re still doing their job.

  1. Your Organic Web Traffic

This is a better indicator of your SEO campaign’s health. When you monitor and assess organic traffic coming to your website, you could get an estimate of the number of visitors going to your website, and what they’re looking at specifically, explains Bambrick Media Pty Ltd, an SEO specialist in Brisbane. This could be done with simple analytic tools.

  1. Your Organic Sales and Leads

The most crucial metric you could use for measuring your SEO results is your actual sales and leads. You could easily set up ecommerce tracking or goals in analytic tools to make it easier for you to gather relevant data you’ll need to evaluate. You could then utilise the report from your analytics tool to see your organic goals and traffic, as well as other ecommerce metrics you want to use — by landing page, meaning that you’re particularly checking for visitors who convert among the visitors that land on your website from organic search.

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Put simply, if you do not get into the habit of tracking these and other relevant metrics, it would be impossible to determine what SEO tactics are working and what’s not. If you’re unaware of your SEO results, you’ll just end up spending precious time and resources on poor returns. Create and stick to a tracking schedule so you could take more informed actions to make these metrics better over time.