Marketing Your Self-Published Book: Tips for Boosting Online Visibility

a woman using online marketing to promote her bookOne of the things self-published authors do to sell their books online is creating a website. It should not stop there, however, because having quality work and online presence doesn’t necessarily mean that people would already discover you. Especially now that publishing literature is easier than ever, the competition is even tougher.

Here are the basic things you should do to cut through the noise and bring your books in front of Internet users:

Insert keyword strings

It’s imperative to make your book more discoverable with keywords. However, don’t just focus on words, but rather on the actual string of words people type in whenever they surf the Web. The biggest mistake rookie self-published authors commit is inserting the wrong keywords or keyword strings.

Other than manually looking for trending search queries, investing in artificial intelligence-powered software is an effective way to find high-performance metadata to drive traffic fast, stresses StoryFit.

Don’t underestimate metadata

Metadata is granular information that helps make your online pages more searchable. It jumps through the screen whenever it matches someone’s query. Optimizing the meta title and description of each of your pages is key to grabbing people’s attention and compelling them to click the link to learn more about you and your work.

Get reviews

Authentic reader reviews add legitimacy to your brand as a self-published author. Before you release a book, contact a number of people for advanced reading and reviews. Of course, it’s best to have influencers so you can take advantage of their clout to market your work effectively.

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Make changes when necessary

You can’t do things right the first time. Since user search behavior changes from time to time, you ought to adapt to keep your pages organically visible in search engines.

The most successful self-published authors are both creative and strategic. Learn how to optimize every space you get on the Internet and use it to best effect.