More than Just Wires and Tech: Competitiveness in SIP Trunking

A CloudCopper wires no longer solely reign supreme in the field of providing telephone services—thanks to the Internet.

Recent innovations in technology removed infrastructure-related challenges, paving the way for startups and smaller businesses to thrive in the telecom industry. Fortunately, it coincides with the growth of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market, an industry driven by participants focused on promoting VoIP solutions in various fields, as defined by researchers from Future Market Insights.a

The growing market fuels others interested in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking industry; you might be one of them.

SIPTRUNK, Inc. supports this claim, adding that Telco dealers, agents, and IT consultants across the country realized that offering private labeled SIP trunks offers a better revenue stream and customer loyalty.

Anyone can join, but what does it take to be competitive in this industry?

The Face of the Service

The quality of SIP trunking experience depends on a number of parties; as a reseller, however, represents the fact of the service. Customers experiencing trouble with their trunking connections will flock to you, the reseller.

A deep understanding of the service prepares you for their queries. It pays to be one with the SIP ecosystem; start by learning about new services and revenue systems. Also, prioritize interoperability and proper documentation, which are essential when solving typical SIP-related issues.

Learning more about SIP offers information on common customer troubles, such as poor phone quality, dropped calls, and one way audios. SIP trunking providers work hard in totally eliminating these problems, but they still have a long way to go. Your role is to help clients go through registration failures and codec settings.

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Offer Free Trials

Not everyone is comfortable with immediately switching to SIP trunking. Gain their trust by offering a free trial. Let potential clients experience the service first, but make sure your offer is reasonable. There is no permanent rule on how long trials should last, but 30 to 90 days is enough.

As more businesses consider SIP trunking, your objective is to reel them in. Stay ahead of the competition by keeping the reminders above in mind.