The Impact of Google Hummingbird on Your Website

SEOMany business owners in Perth know the importance of search engine optimisation. Any website that is on the first page gets the lion’s share of the clicks. Some have taken steps to ensure that they cover that base in the usual way. This includes posting engaging content regularly, improving their site speed and putting in good links. The thing is, no one really knows exactly how search engines index pages and rank them. One of the least understood in the SEO industry is the Hummingbird update of Google. Let this article enlighten you. 

Hummingbird is not what it seems

Back in 2010, Google announced the Penguin update of the search algorithm. Many ranking sites lost their place for having poor quality content, keyword spamming, and useless links. Recovering from the Penguin apocalypse had not been easy. In fact, many sites never recovered at all. When Google announced the Hummingbird update about three years later, website site owners started to get nervous again. However, Hummingbird is not concerned with sites at all. They are concerned with users.

Hummingbird focuses on user behaviour, the top Search Engine Optimisation agency in Perth, shares that the purpose of Hummingbird is to make the Google ranking bots more efficient in giving browsers the results they want, based on the way they use the search function. It tries to understand the user’s needs to give them the results they need.

Hummingbird does affect ranking

Nevertheless, the update will affect how your site will rank in specific searches. If your SEO campaign is not precise enough for your target market, they will have a harder time finding you through Google. Your pages rank according to a point system for 200 or so elements; Hummingbird refines this search to account for the specific needs of a particular user.

You have nothing to fear from the Hummingbird if you focus on delivering relevant and organic content for your target market. It may only affect your ranking if you do not know your target market thoroughly and if you do not plan accordingly.


Factors That Improve Your Hotel Marketability

Hotel Marketability

 Hotel Marketability in UtahIncreased supply of hotel services means you should be more creative in attracting more clients. The quality of your service determines your competitive position in the market. So, how do you improve hotel marketability? 

Learn the different factors that affect the market status of your hotel:

Quality of service

Clients are always looking for a hotel where they will receive quality service. The people interacting directly with customers should meet their needs sufficiently to leave a strong impression. Make sure you have trained employees to get high customer satisfaction.

Comfort levels in your hotel

Majority of the people visiting your hotel are looking for a place they can enjoy serenity and comfort. Always check your amenities to ensure they are comfortable and at par with the standards of customers. Ask for feedback from your customers to determine how you can improve the comfort levels in your hotel.

Updated technology

The market has become modern, and people prefer going to hotels that use up-to-date technology. For instance, people prefer booking their accommodation online, as this is convenient on their part. As E-Communications and Networking explains, technology eases operations for customers.

Lower rates

When it comes to hotel searches, clients look for a place that provides quality services at a reasonable rate. You should charge a fair price for your services. Make your pricing decision after considering the market price for the service that you offer.

Competitive products and services

The hotel should be within the market standards. For instance, WiFi in hotels has become a feature that the hospitality industry cannot forego. Majority of guests are using this service to work from their rooms and communicate with other people.

As long as you make efforts in improving your hotel business, you can expect a steady growth in your guest list.

Why Cheerleading is a Good Offering in Your Studio

CheerleadingCheerleaders are in just about every sporting event we know, doing their routines during breaks and shaking and waving their pompoms on the sidelines. They have competitions, too. In fact, cheerleading has become a world sport with the governing body, International Cheer Union (ICU), holding the World Cheerleading Championships each year.

Cheerleading isn’t only for sports or competitions; it’s also great for exercise. In fact, you can offer it at your dance studio and teach those who would like to be competitive or just learn a new and enjoyable form of exercise. It’s easier to manage this in a studio, too. noted that there is cheerleading software available to keep student schedules and payments, or monitor routines and keep track of calories lost.

Improving Cardio

Cheerleading has many health benefits due to the movements involved, like running and lifting. It’s great for cardio because cheerleaders need to run frequently — sometimes for long periods, sometimes in short bursts. This helps the lungs and heart gain strength, reducing the risk of heart attacks, stroke, and hypertension.

Burning Calories

Cheerleading does burn calories fast. Cheerleaders are at a lower risk for obesity, which may cause different health problems like diabetes and heart conditions. Although there is a risk for cheerleaders to develop eating disorders, especially if they take weight control too seriously, doing this only as a form of exercise can still be one of the healthiest activities for those who love to dance.

Strengthening Muscles and Bones

Lifting, jumping and climbing are all part of the routine of a cheerleader, especially when pyramid building is involved. These activities strengthen muscles and bones, lowering the risk of osteoporosis and similar issues. In addition, cheerleaders gain more confidence because of their strength, fitness, stamina, and healthier bodies.

These are only some of the benefits of cheerleading. If you start offering it to your studio and explain its benefits to your future clients, then you’ll most likely get more people enrolling.

The Latest in Mobile Collaboration Portals

Mobile collaboration portals are at the forefront of telecommunications technologies, allowing teams to work remotely from any location. Data sharing, improved search features, and integrated multimedia support increase productivity. They now provide more seamless communication channels for its users.

Man Using His Mobile PhoneSecurity for Multimedia Communication

Multimedia communication in the form of VoIP and video chat are invaluable tools for mobile collaboration platforms. Companies now require more secure voice and data network solutions to ensure the confidentiality of their data. Since mobile collaboration allows remote access to information, there is a greater risk of data leaks.

To counteract phishing and data leaks, companies such as Google have implemented stricter Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) policies, especially for its email utilities. DMARC is a data authentication tool that secures communication channels. It identifies phishing and other confidentiality risks. DMARC is gaining traction on the global scale, with a 22% increase of adoption rates from 2015.  

New Updates in Mobile Collaboration

Both Microsoft and Google released new updates to their mobile collaboration portals last January 2016. Google, on one hand, has released a new commenting option for its Google Docs platform. It now has additional Android and iOS support, so that mobile users can add and read comments on edited documents. The commenting option has previously only been available to PC users, limiting the functionality of Google Docs on mobile devices.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has finally added real-time authoring to its Microsoft Office Online suite. This allows users to view edits in real-time, which prevents duplicates and inconsistencies in uploaded files.

Microsoft has also improved its sharing options, allowing users to upload files on various cloud services. Google has already been implementing these features on Google Docs, so it is a bit of a late addition to Microsoft’s productivity suites.

With these new updates, mobile collaboration platforms are now more compatible over multiple devices. Smartphones and tablets are powerful tools for on-the-go productivity, and new data solutions are being implemented to keep up with the demand of the users. Companies are no longer limited to in-house collaboration, allowing team members in other locations to communicate effectively over long distances. 

The Two Enemies of Burglars: Lights and Sounds

Home Security in NashvilleNo matter how safe your community is, you could still be a target of thieves. Sometimes, how you present your house can be an indicator if it is a good target or not. Professional thieves plan their attacks and keep watch from a distance to study how they will make their way inside. It is up to you to deter these criminals to protect your family and your possessions. 

Burglars hate two things: lights and sounds.


What a well-lit home does is expose the movements of a thief. Most burglars attack at night when they can sneak in unnoticed. They will find the darkest corners and try to get inside your home this way. Arming every corner of your home with lights can help deter their attacks. As much as possible, burglars try to avoid detection so putting a light on their path can foil their plans. Nashville home security systems in conjunction with lights can help in proper identification of burglars when coupled with security cameras.


Another great deterrent of burglars is loud noise. Most thieves try to sneak in without making any noise themselves. Sounding an alarm of any kind can send them scurrying out of your property. What loud noises do is wake up the whole neighborhood and signal people of their presence. Thieves, as much as possible, try their best not to attract attention to themselves. Installing alarm systems for break-ins can help signal authorities when your house is under attack. Getting a dog may also be another form of protection through sound. Their barking when strangers come in suspiciously can stop burglars from seeing your home as a target.

Shop around for Nashville home security homes to reinforce protection in your property. Keeping your family safe in your own home is of utmost importance. Adding new security features to your home can guarantee you a good night’s rest.

SEO Principles You Should Never Forget

SEO in Perth

SEO in PerthOnline marketing is a battle of who stays at the top of search results. It might sound simple, but search engines are careful in ranking websites according to the relevance of the search. Many other factors come into play in choosing what site goes first and what comes next. Keeping your website at the top of search results can put your business in a great position to generate sales. This is where search engine optimisation comes in. It is a necessary marketing strategy to promote your business effectively online.

Working with search engine optimisation in Perth is no simple task. You have to follow several rules maximise the use of your website. Here are some of them.

Never forget your metadata

When search engines list down possible links that match your search, they present, your link along with a short blurb that describes the link. Not creating your metadata forces the search engine to choose which line on the page to show the results. These snippets are important because you can insert the keyword you are aiming to get. Crafting a well-written metadata makes the search result more appealing to users using the engine.

Flesh out fresh content

Search engines show results that are more relevant now. When your page regularly chunks out fresh content, it is most likely to place on the top spot. You can do this by writing new content for the site every week. This can come in the form of a news article or a feature. You may also want to keep a blog so you can talk about anything related to your business.

Most online searchers click on the first link the engine shows. Make sure your site earns a place on the three top relevant links. Getting at the top means better visibility when it comes to people looking for your products and services.

What Every Newbie Should Know About SEO

SEO services in Brisbane

SEO Services in BrisbaneDigital marketers seem so adept and very knowledgeable about it. Even industry experts will always tell you that SEO is the in-thing to do. But individuals who may have been introduced to the world of the Internet just recently may be at a loss as to what this SEO thing really is.

While one can simply get SEO services in Brisbane and leave all the work to the experts, it still pays to have at least basic understanding of this marketing strategy.

More than an Acronym

SEO or search engine optimisation is a series of processes or activities that you do in order to gain more traffic into your own website. This is done by making sure that the world’s major search engines like Google and Bing adequately and correctly recognise certain elements of your website.


A number of individuals who use a variety of Internet-enabled devices visit every website. The number of persons who visit a particular website is called traffic. You can consider this as the number or volume of persons who will visit your house at any given time.

Why Get Traffic?

If you use your website only to post whatever it is you like posting, you do not need to generate traffic. However, there is a reason why you put up a website in the first place. Either you want to share something or you want to be recognised by others. Either way, you need to be known by the very same people you want to attract or share something to. This is the reason why you need to get traffic.

 How does SEO Help?

When people use the Internet to search for something, they use platforms like Google or Bing. These search engines then begin the task of finding websites that are considered ‘relevant’ to the word being searched. Google and Bing employ a complex set of algorithms to determine the exactness of fit of websites to the search parameters.

So, websites that meet the requirements of these algorithms will be ranked-ordered in the results page. The higher a website is in the results page, the greater is the chance that the person will visit it.

In essence, SEO helps your website land a lot better in the rankings. This translates to better visibility among Internet users, which leads to more traffic to your website. This is why, according to, you need SEO services in Brisbane.

There are plenty of resources about how to do SEO. The one thing that needs to be clear from the very start is that SEO is a tool to generate traffic to your website.


The Reasons You Should Hire a Credible SEO Expert Now


SEOSEO can get tricky, especially if you’re just starting out and your business is in a completely different industry. With the algorithm updates and ever-changing trends, how can you keep up to make your website as SEO-friendly as possible? Worry no more because there are plenty of experienced and credible SEO experts and agencies out there that can help you figure it out.

Here are some reasons to hire one now:

Definite Results

SEO practitioners and agencies have a reputation to protect and build. Which is why they will not promise results that they can’t guarantee. That is an advantage on its own, but you should be careful to choose a reliable expert to hire to get the results you want. First, don’t believe someone who promises immediate results in as fast as 30 days. Website optimisation takes time, and a reliable agent will let you know that but still promise to give you great results in the long run.

Technical Knowledge

SEO experts are focused on keeping themselves knowledgeable and updated in everything that happens in the SEO industry. According to digital marketing expert Bambrick Media, this means every algorithm update, every upcoming trend, and every technical knowledge that can get their clients the high search rankings they want. They use the most recent marketing routines and technological advancements to give you the services you deserve.

Dependable Research

Although research about SEO and the online market can be complicated and difficult to understand, an SEO expert can dissect everything and inform you about it in layman’s terms. Working hand-in-hand is important for a reliable expert, and giving you assistance and information would be his privilege. This way, you can understand your online marketing strategies yet have plenty of time to focus on what matters more for the business.

Hire an SEO expert or agency now so you can experience these wonderful advantages. This is the only way for you to survive the tough online marketing competition.

Best of Both Worlds: Offline and Online Tactics for Marketing

Online Marketing in Perth

It’s a mistake to think your business can survive with only online marketing, especially if you have a brick and mortar setup. You need online marketing, sure, but it’s not the only way to make your business known.

Offline tactics

Online Marketing in PerthEspecially if you have local operations, you need some local offline marketing. New businesses may not always have ad spends or marketing budgets, but you can make do with a few ‘guerrilla tactics’ for now.

Leave your business card (yes, business cards are very important, they’re also cheap) everywhere. If you have students for a market, for example, leave a few on bulletin boards inside the campus. Visit the places students hang out and leave or post a few more there. Leave one when you pay at the café. Drop one in the fish bowl wherever one is set up for a raffle.

Check your local newspaper and get an idea on the type of businesses or activities they write about. It won’t hurt to try and make your intention known to support such activities or to let people know what you’re about. Your niche may be a topic of interest. They’ll interview you and feature your business. Free marketing right there.

There are many other tactics you can employ to make your presence known in your local market. All you have to do is be creative, do some research and be proactive.

Online tactics

Of course, you still need online tactics. It’s a digital world, after all. Pay for Perth SEO services; it’s a worthy investment if the providers are professionals and get the job done, according to the experts from Digitise My Business. You can also do your part through email and social. Use the networks that your clients are likely to use and create an engaging presence.

A good combination of offline and online tactics will make your marketing efforts more solid and reliable. Do the work and watch the revenues grow.

Taking Contracts Apart: Defining PBM Costs

Pharmaceutical ContractDealing with Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBM) can be one of the most technically confusing deals anyone can attempt to enter. A single contract typically cover issues regarding medicine, health care law, and even the economic state of the pharmaceutical industry. This is too much information for anyone to absorb and execute effectively.

Taking PBMs Apart

The inherently complex nature of these contracts are what makes it necessary for PBM consultants like to help people with their plans. The most common advice these companies give clients is to take contracts apart and examine it piece by piece. This allows them to understand the terms of the agreement at their own pace.

One of the most important things that a client should do when dissecting their PBM plan is to understand the agreement’s cost of particular drugs. Every PBM plan includes a definition of how much it plans to pay the PBM for every prescription filled. But, because of the thousands of prescription drugs on the market, it’s impractical to list prices for each individual drug.

Defining Costs

In order to streamline the listing process, most contracts use a discount from the published ingredient cost or the average wholesale price (AWP) as the definition of cost. The discount typically varies depending on the plan. For example, one PBM defines the cost of drug A to be the AWP minus fifteen percent, while another deducts eighteen percent.

A variation of this that clients might also see on their contracts is a general discount for several drugs. PBMs with this definition could say something like “Annual drug brand discount is equal to AWP minus fifteen percent guaranteed”. It’s actually quite simple, but only after the clients take the time to absorb just this part of the contract.

PBM contracts are the product of several fields of expertise coming together to give people the most complete and comprehensive plan possible. This, of course becomes the convoluted and confusing documents that reaches end clients. Do not get intimidated by the jargon and work through the contract one part at a time.