Research Estimates 1B People Using VoIP By End Of 2017


An estimated one billion people in the world will use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services by the end of 2017, according to Juniper Research.

Based on a global population of around 7.5 billion, the figure simply means that one out of seven people will use the technology for communication. The use of VoIP service based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) could also become more widespread.

Increasing Popularity

Cost arguably serves as the major selling point for VoIP technology, particularly reselling SIP trunking. However, an SIP trunk reseller, SIPTRUNK, Inc. for instance, should be able to attract clients to use their services beyond the promise of low prices.

Nevertheless, VoIP solutions can be as much as 50% more affordable than fixed-line voice rates. The relatively cheaper costs can be attributed to telecommunications networks’ lower interconnection rates. In an era when companies transition to digital resources, using VoIP could provide up to 75% of savings for your business.

Here to Stay

Other than the price, VoIP will continue to gain traction for several industries due to various developments on Internet data networks. If cost is not enough to lure you into making the switch, consider the user-friendliness of this system as a positive factor.

VoIP users will no longer need to worry about maintaining or upgrading their systems. Some companies even offer PBX systems, which provide a network host for the VoIP service in a secure data location. Your employees will likely benefit the most from certain features such as unified messaging, which organizes text and audio messages in different platforms and placing these in an easily accessible format.

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VoIP will continue to be a common communication tool for enterprises, particularly for those with international networks. It provides connectivity among people, despite their location. Plus, the simplicity of using VoIP—with just a touch of a button—makes it easy for people to connect with one other.