Satellites: Delivering Connectivity Where it is Unavailable

Amazing SatelliteAustralia, as a first-world country, arguably has some of the most advanced Internet-related technologies. Approximately 13.5 million citizens have subscription to fast Internet service. This represents nearly 59% of the population, and it does not even cover individual usage.

And while a vast majority of the Australian population do enjoy high-speed Internet service, the average speed is actually slower than many other countries.

Type of access connection determines speed

The majority of fixed Internet users in the country rely on DSL connection, followed closely by cable. These technologies deliver fast and mostly reliable service. The major drawback to their use is their somewhat limited reach: most companies offering them do not provide coverage to the more rural and remote areas.

And those who do charge nearly exorbitant fees. Because their standard coverage only applies to urban or metropolitan areas, more and more consumers are turning to a fixed satellite service, including VSAT systems.

Connectivity without constraints

Satellite Internet services are becoming more and more popular, for plenty good reasons. And residential users are not the only one that benefits from them. Businesses and even large organisations can take advantage of the unconstrained connection that these technologies can provide.

Satellite connectivity bests the more standard Internet services because they can reach what the latter cannot. They allow people and businesses to remain connected despite their rural or remote location.

And for organisations that mainly depend on terrestrial network, using satellite gives them a solid, reliable means to supplement their existing connections, further securing and stabilising their connectivity.

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Reasonable and competitive cost

A major reason DSL and cable Internet providers do not provide coverage to remote or rural areas is because they would have to invest hundreds of thousands just to install one mile of fibre in a new location.

Because VSAT providers utilise satellite links, they can easily afford to deliver their Internet service to consumers at a lower cost. As a result, their customers can enjoy ultra-fast, stable, and of course, reasonably priced connectivity.