Security Planning Tips for Safe Living in Houston

Home Security Tools in HoustonWe live in a dangerous society where it is difficult to ensure safety at all times. Criminals always take whatever small opportunity there is to accomplish their task, even if it means breaking into your property. You can do nothing and be one of the victims, or you can start planning home security now.

The Facts: Houston Neighborhood Safety

The combined rate of violent and property crimes all over Houston makes it more dangerous than 96% of the neighborhoods in Texas. Your chance of being a victim of property crime, however, is one in every 21 people. These surprising facts make Houston one of the country’s top 100 dangerous cities.

On the other hand, a common property crime throughout the US is home burglary. It happens every 15 seconds according to the FBI.

Home Security Planning

You may have overlooked the neighborhood’s safety when you moved in, but this should not let you regret the decision. There still is something you can do, and this is to plan home security effectively.

The Basics: Locks, Doors, and Windows

Each door type has a specific kind of lock especially designed for it. Make sure your doors are paired with the right kind of locking system. For example, locks should not be used on sliding doors, but instead latches.

For your exterior doors, it is always best to invest in Grade-1 locks. This makes lock-picking and prying attempts difficult. Door knobs should have a special ‘dead latch’ feature’ to avoid unlocking it with plastic cards.

Most thieves enter a home through open windows. If you need to leave your windows open for ventilation, make sure you do not leave an open space wider than six inches. Then, get a reliable anti-lift device installed.

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Both interior and exterior lighting should have timers that automatically turn them on during specific hours. There should also be bright lights installed at the entrance door while other exterior lights should give you at least 100-feet range visibility at night.

Home Security Systems

There are different types of security systems in Houston according to experts from, including alarms and security cameras. Both security cameras and alarms will work well on improving home safety provided they are correctly installed and well-maintained.

Security systems can be costly upfront, but the advantages they offer are all worth the bill. They lower home insurance and allow access to your home even if you are away. Some systems even help detect gas leaks and fire problems.

No matter how dangerous a neighborhood is, effective home security planning can make sleeping at night and going on a trip less worrisome. It also makes your home less likely a prospect when burglars can see and tell the difference between what’s easy money and what’s not.