Garage Door Hacks 101: A Cheat Sheet for Garage Door Openers

Car in front of the garageIsn’t it remarkable how home designs have revolutionised over time? Not long ago, owning a garage was a luxury; it did not make sense owning a ‘home’ for your vehicle. Fast forward to today, people get the sense of your biggest investment protecting your other investment—car.

With the realisation of the importance of a garage, almost every home owns a garage either attached to or detached from the house. Owning a garage comes with the need for a good garage door opener. Safety, quiet operation and ease of use; which comes first when looking to buy garage remotes for an overhead door opener from Remote Pro?

Your Needs Come First

If your garage is part of the main house, a quiet door opener should be a priority for you. Individuals with children should focus on safety accessories. When it comes to your garage, there is no prototype, and you must get what works for you. If you do not know where to begin, consult with a garage doors specialists for guidance on the best option for you.

Measurement and Fitting

Overhead door openers do not take up a lot of space. The minimum space requirement for an average overhead door opener is about two inches of headroom. Any garage doors installer should be able to work with that figure.

Which Style of Door Opener to Adopt

The three styles of door openers available in the market are chain drive, jackshaft, and belt drive. The jackshaft opener is useful for high garage doors and cathedral-style garage ceilings. Both chain drive and belt drive openers are trolley style openers, but the belt drive is quieter than the chain drive.

How Many Horsepower will Your Door Opener Need?

Overhead door openers run on DC power and are available in ⅓, ½ or ¾ horsepower. The right motor strength depends on the weight and size of the overhead door. Lightweight doors use a ½ horsepower motor while heavy doors require a ¾ horsepower motor.

Once you buy garage remotes for your garage opener, it is easy to enjoy the convenience and forget that the garage door is the largest moving part in your house creating a safety hazard. Fortunately, proper installation and periodic maintenance keep your door safe and in shape for a long time.

Why Are Burglars Attracted to a Garage Door Remote?

Garage Door Remote

Garage Door RemoteIt’s a common assumption that thieves who break into cars want the vehicle itself. However, some of them might actually be targeting the garage door remote inside a car. shares that although smart car owners hide valuable possessions in their glove department, only a handful of people consider the garage remote as valuable and thus, do not make an effort to hide it.

This kind of thinking neglects to consider the true purpose of the remote: to give access to the person using it.

A New Car Burglary Trend

When robbers go after a car, they do not steal the car itself. Rather, they target the garage door remote left behind within the car. Although people might feel secure in the belief that it is not possible for a burglar to know where they live, they do not realise that the robbers can locate the residential address of the car owner after finding the car registration and insurance usually tucked inside the glove compartment.

The Victims of This Trend

One female resident reported that a 17-year-old crook broke into her car, swiped the garage door remote and used it to enter her home. He pilfered jewellery, electronics and money and made a getaway using the family car. In this instance, the authorities eventually caught the thief after he crashed the car into a light pole.

Some robbers, unfortunately, are able to get away with their crime. When one victim parked his car at a hospital, the thieves took this opportunity to smash his window and steal the garage remote. They even went further and noted the home address found on his glove box. They then went straight into the victim’s home and tore the house upside down while he was at the hospital.

The Bottom Line: Secure Your Garage

You need not end up like the unfortunate victims of this trend. There are things you can do to keep your car, your garage and home secure, such as using ‘smart’ garage door remotes that enable you to input an access code to open your garage.

Thieves are always thinking of creative ways to take your valuable possessions. Take care to always bring your garage remote with you and never leave it in a conspicuous place.