The advantages of a lightweight wheelchair

Wheelchair on road

Wheelchair on roadAdvances in wheelchair technology mean there is now a range of electric wheelchairs available for individuals with limited mobility. However, this has not relegated lightweight wheelchairs to the history books. When comparing lightweight wheelchairs against powerchairs, there are still several advantages that a non-motorised wheelchair can provide over an electric wheelchair.

Suppliers of lightweight wheelchairs, such as Karma Mobility, and wheelchair dealers can talk through the details of buying a lightweight wheelchair with users. Below are some of the key points to consider.

Ease of use

A lightweight wheelchair doesn’t come with a bulky battery or motorised parts that add to its size. This often makes it the preferable choice for home use, where navigating tight corridors and doorways on a daily basis can become a strain with a larger mobility aid.

Less maintenance

Electric wheelchairs require their batteries to be charged and being motorised can often require more maintenance, as there are more parts that can fail. A lightweight wheelchair is a simpler piece of kit, which keeps maintenance to a minimum.

Travelling on public transport

Lightweight wheelchairs can be folded away with ease. Their compact nature once packed away means that they can be more easily stowed away on public transport, such as trains, planes and the tube. There is plenty of advice available for wheelchair users on public transport that can make trips out a safer experience.

Travelling in the car can also be made easier with a lightweight wheelchair, for the same reasons of stowability.

Making the choice

As described above, there are several advantages to using a lightweight wheelchair. However, these should be considered in the light of each user’s personal needs and lifestyle. For those wanting to travel longer distances, a powerchair may still be more appropriate. Some users may want to have both a powerchair for outdoor use and a lightweight wheelchair for home use.

For those struggling to decide what kind of wheelchair to get, there are several sources to turn to for advice:

• Wheelchair suppliers
• Wheelchair dealers
• Local GP or occupational therapist
• NHS wheelchair services
• Fellow wheelchair users.

Once a user has decided what they want to purchase, funding options can also be looked into.

Why Are Burglars Attracted to a Garage Door Remote?

Garage Door Remote

Garage Door RemoteIt’s a common assumption that thieves who break into cars want the vehicle itself. However, some of them might actually be targeting the garage door remote inside a car. shares that although smart car owners hide valuable possessions in their glove department, only a handful of people consider the garage remote as valuable and thus, do not make an effort to hide it.

This kind of thinking neglects to consider the true purpose of the remote: to give access to the person using it.

A New Car Burglary Trend

When robbers go after a car, they do not steal the car itself. Rather, they target the garage door remote left behind within the car. Although people might feel secure in the belief that it is not possible for a burglar to know where they live, they do not realise that the robbers can locate the residential address of the car owner after finding the car registration and insurance usually tucked inside the glove compartment.

The Victims of This Trend

One female resident reported that a 17-year-old crook broke into her car, swiped the garage door remote and used it to enter her home. He pilfered jewellery, electronics and money and made a getaway using the family car. In this instance, the authorities eventually caught the thief after he crashed the car into a light pole.

Some robbers, unfortunately, are able to get away with their crime. When one victim parked his car at a hospital, the thieves took this opportunity to smash his window and steal the garage remote. They even went further and noted the home address found on his glove box. They then went straight into the victim’s home and tore the house upside down while he was at the hospital.

The Bottom Line: Secure Your Garage

You need not end up like the unfortunate victims of this trend. There are things you can do to keep your car, your garage and home secure, such as using ‘smart’ garage door remotes that enable you to input an access code to open your garage.

Thieves are always thinking of creative ways to take your valuable possessions. Take care to always bring your garage remote with you and never leave it in a conspicuous place.

The Two Enemies of Burglars: Lights and Sounds

Home Security in NashvilleNo matter how safe your community is, you could still be a target of thieves. Sometimes, how you present your house can be an indicator if it is a good target or not. Professional thieves plan their attacks and keep watch from a distance to study how they will make their way inside. It is up to you to deter these criminals to protect your family and your possessions. 

Burglars hate two things: lights and sounds.


What a well-lit home does is expose the movements of a thief. Most burglars attack at night when they can sneak in unnoticed. They will find the darkest corners and try to get inside your home this way. Arming every corner of your home with lights can help deter their attacks. As much as possible, burglars try to avoid detection so putting a light on their path can foil their plans. Nashville home security systems in conjunction with lights can help in proper identification of burglars when coupled with security cameras.


Another great deterrent of burglars is loud noise. Most thieves try to sneak in without making any noise themselves. Sounding an alarm of any kind can send them scurrying out of your property. What loud noises do is wake up the whole neighborhood and signal people of their presence. Thieves, as much as possible, try their best not to attract attention to themselves. Installing alarm systems for break-ins can help signal authorities when your house is under attack. Getting a dog may also be another form of protection through sound. Their barking when strangers come in suspiciously can stop burglars from seeing your home as a target.

Shop around for Nashville home security homes to reinforce protection in your property. Keeping your family safe in your own home is of utmost importance. Adding new security features to your home can guarantee you a good night’s rest.