15 Digital Marketing Stats Every Restaurant Owner Must Know

SEO blocksRunning a restaurant business in today’s digital age requires the use of online marketing. Working with a reputable digital marketing agency is a good way to get the quality services you deserve.

Like any other digital marketing efforts, SEO for restaurants does not come without difficulties. As a workaround, it would be beneficial for all restaurant owners to learn about the digital marketing statistics that matter to the operations before devising a holistic strategy.

Here are some of the most important ones:

1. Online marketing influences more than one billion restaurant visits.

2. Consumers read restaurant reviews and positive reviews are among the key decision factor among 84% of the people.

3. Even a half-star difference on Yelp reviews affect the customers’ decision-making by 27%.

4. Over 57% of patrons favour ordering online, through the business’s website.

5. About 40% of people learn about a restaurant and food, in general, through websites, blogs, and apps.

Social media marketing stats

Social media platforms affect the decision of the consumers, too.

6. Consumers recommend restaurants that respond quickly on social platforms.

7. About 93% of patrons claim that how food products appear affects the decision to purchase.

8. About 30.2% of consumers use an app when searching for a restaurant.

Facebook marketing stats

9. Over 49% of consumers search on Facebook to find the next best restaurant.

10. About 75% of patrons use Facebook in choosing a restaurant.

Instagram marketing stats

11. Instagram is number one when it comes to app engagement with various restaurant brands.

12. Fast food brands have a 21.4 engagement ratio on Instagram vs. full-service restaurants with only 18.4.

13. Instagram influencer marketing attracts 5% new customers for a restaurant.

Twitter marketing stats

14. Fast food brands receive about 57% of more than one million Twitter mentions.

15. About 94% of Twitter users plan to visit and buy from a restaurant they follow.

The people have spoken: technology is an important element in the dining experience. What does this mean for your business? Simple. Your restaurant must be in front and centre when a consumer is deciding where to dine in. That is the work of SEO, most probably local SEO.

Check Out These White Hat SEO Tips That Will Boost Your Rankings

a digital marketing specialist workingIf you intend to boost your website rankings on the leading search engines, then it’s essential to do so by the rules. That’s what white hat SEO is all about. Here are four actionable white hat SEO strategies guaranteed to give you the results you are looking for.

Plan your site

A disorganized website is every visitor’s nightmare, and it will do you no favors when it comes to rankings on SERPs. This is why it’s so important to plan the structure of your website before building it. Content needs to be arranged with targeted keywords at the right places. If not sure how to go about it, partner with a reputable SEO specialist in Denver, CO to assist.

Keep web pages near home page

To keep link juice flowing properly, make sure that any webpage is no more than two clicks away. This makes it simpler for visitors to navigate your website. Web pages that are too far away from the homepage might end up in the search engine’s supplemental index, rendering them useless.

Include the keyword in the URL

Search engines often use your URL to rank your site, which is why you need to include the keyword there. A web address that uses a keyword also helps people know that they will get what they’re looking for if they click on your link.

Have a dedicated contact page

Major search engines require you to have a ‘Contact Us’ page that has your phone numbers, contact address and so on. This page is essential as it proves that you run a real business, unlike many people that open affiliate sites to make quick money.

You don’t need to break the rules when trying to get your website ranked highly in search engines. Keeping the integrity of your website intact helps protect the site from being banned by search engines besides impacting positively on your brand as a whole.

Showcase What Brisbane Has in Store for the Entire World

SEO in BrisbaneSetting up a travel agency that can serve the needs or wants of local and foreign visitors who want to visit the charming city of Brisbane is a great economic opportunity that you should grab.

Travel agencies are among the busiest companies in the city of Brisbane. Perhaps, this is due to the abundance of hotels, spas, and beach resort businesses found in the area. Local and foreign tourists would always flock to Brisbane to these features. If you are a travel agency who wish to get a bigger chunk of this huge tourism pie, there are dozens of strategies to achieve this. Here are some of them.

The Global Village

If you are a travel agency and you are not on the Internet yet, then you have a lot of catching up to do. According to the Business and Industry Portal of the Queensland Government, many of your potential customers expect to find you on the Internet. You need to set up a website that showcases what the city of Brisbane has to offer for its local and foreign tourists. You can think of this website as your virtual office that is open 24/7, allowing tourists from different time zones to view your information at their convenient time.

The Social Network Impact

Having a website is not enough because you also need to provide snippets of information on popular social network platforms. Facebook is one of such platforms where you can spread news and information about your website, as well as post snippets of data about any promo packages you may have. According to Statista, the popular social network enjoys a membership of about 1.79 billion active users as of third quarter of 2016. This is a huge pool of potential customers that could visit your website and buy the services you offer.

Content is King

Google has said it several times that content plays a huge role in the popularity and ranking of your website. While you most certainly can do this, it might be a better idea to leave this to SEO company in Brisbane where they have a team of experts to help you. These professionals are very adept and skilled at crafting doable Internet strategies that would take your website to greater heights enjoying a high conversion ratio.

Running a travel agency is not confined to your brick and mortar location. Even if you post a thousand posters about beautiful places to visit in Brisbane, the only people who would see it are those who are physically present in your area. You need to showcase these lovely destinations to the global village where a vast audience of potential customers continuously moves about.

Need for Speed: Ensuring Fast Loading Time

Website Loading Time

Website Loading TimeThe digital age created a new generation of users. They are characterized by their short attention spans that lose interest after about eight seconds. Furthermore, these users are always on the go and require faster access to websites on their computer or mobile device.

Digital marketing service providers looking to cater to this type of audience should think of ways to give them what they want when they surf the web. Specifically, they should optimize the speed of their website. This will ensure that users can see all the page information after a few seconds of loading and will help make users stay on their site.

Common Issues which Affect Site Load Speed

Before optimizing, providers should list down all possible things that can slow down a site. This is crucial to identifying the root cause of their site’s load speed problem.

One factor, for instance, is server reliability and performance. Regardless of how optimized the site is, it won’t matter if the response time of the server itself is slow. Likewise, big images or files can also cripple the site load speed.

Fixing Slow Loading Time

Resolving slow loading time is essential as a one- or two-second delay can spell the difference between user satisfaction and a failed sales conversion.

Reducing server response time is one solution to loading delays. Ideally, the time frame for server response should be under 200 ms. Anything higher than that is a red flag that providers should address by identifying and fixing connection bottlenecks.

Providers may also optimize images on sites to make them load faster. Furthermore, they could also utilize image-compression sites that shrink file size without compromising image quality.

What a Fast Website Provides

A speedy website is the key to higher revenue, traffic, and conversions. Providers who disregard website speed may lose customers because they are placing themselves on the bad side of search engines and visitors.

Visitors shouldn’t have to deal with poor website performance. If they are not satisfied with the speed and service of the website they are browsing, they have the power to leave the site whenever they want and move to a competitor site. This is bad news to the providers of underperforming sites. They need to address site load issues as soon as possible — not only is it bad for search engine ranking, but it is also bad for site conversion rates.

4 Weird and Interesting Websites You Can Check

Web Design in DenverSome websites are just so weird and yet you still find yourself visiting them over and over again. Why is that the case?

Web design company Denver Data Web explains that creative web developers have the power to greatly influence the look and feel of the sites they create. So if you come across a site that really caught your attention, you have to thank its developer for that.

Here are a few interesting websites that are a bit on the eccentric side.

1. SnapBubbles

SnapBubbles is simply a website that allows you to pop virtual bubbles—it’s as simple as that!

The Secret: Well, who doesn’t like bubble wrap? In fact, when you open the box of a fragile item, the bubble wrap is probably the first thing you take and spend time on — and being able to pop those bubbles online is simply a good way to pass the time.

2. Nooooooooooooooo.com

This is actually a real website! And well, it allows you to totally just let your stress out by saying noooooo…or something like it.

The Secret: Sometimes, life is just so stressful. And when you can’t shout your stress out, you can just let Darth Vader do it for you — with just a visit to this website!

3. Time Cube

Admit it: You’re probably a fan of conspiracy theories, even if you don’t really believe them. Well, Time Cube is something that will tickle your fancy — and make you question things.

The Secret: Here’s the thing: no one really knows what Time Cube is about. On the website is a phrase that you probably should try deciphering yourself…and that’s what makes it fun!


A colorful, a bit dizzying, but still adorable site that features…well, running dog GIFs!

The Secret: Dogs are really just some of the most adorable animals out there — even in gif form! And with this website, you can just stare at them anytime you want.

5. Alex Chiu’s Immortality Devices

Yes, you read that right. This website features materials that claim to provide immortality devices for those who want to live forever!

The Secret: True or not, it’s still interesting to check out what these devices are… and why they’re even around.

Weird websites could be great, especially in the hands of talented web developers. So if you’re planning to have your own website, determine the look and feel you want it to have, and then hire a notable contractor for it.

The Impact of Google Hummingbird on Your Website

SEOMany business owners in Perth know the importance of search engine optimisation. Any website that is on the first page gets the lion’s share of the clicks. Some have taken steps to ensure that they cover that base in the usual way. This includes posting engaging content regularly, improving their site speed and putting in good links. The thing is, no one really knows exactly how search engines index pages and rank them. One of the least understood in the SEO industry is the Hummingbird update of Google. Let this article enlighten you. 

Hummingbird is not what it seems

Back in 2010, Google announced the Penguin update of the search algorithm. Many ranking sites lost their place for having poor quality content, keyword spamming, and useless links. Recovering from the Penguin apocalypse had not been easy. In fact, many sites never recovered at all. When Google announced the Hummingbird update about three years later, website site owners started to get nervous again. However, Hummingbird is not concerned with sites at all. They are concerned with users.

Hummingbird focuses on user behaviour

Dmb.com.au, the top Search Engine Optimisation agency in Perth, shares that the purpose of Hummingbird is to make the Google ranking bots more efficient in giving browsers the results they want, based on the way they use the search function. It tries to understand the user’s needs to give them the results they need.

Hummingbird does affect ranking

Nevertheless, the update will affect how your site will rank in specific searches. If your SEO campaign is not precise enough for your target market, they will have a harder time finding you through Google. Your pages rank according to a point system for 200 or so elements; Hummingbird refines this search to account for the specific needs of a particular user.

You have nothing to fear from the Hummingbird if you focus on delivering relevant and organic content for your target market. It may only affect your ranking if you do not know your target market thoroughly and if you do not plan accordingly.


SEO Principles You Should Never Forget

SEO in Perth

SEO in PerthOnline marketing is a battle of who stays at the top of search results. It might sound simple, but search engines are careful in ranking websites according to the relevance of the search. Many other factors come into play in choosing what site goes first and what comes next. Keeping your website at the top of search results can put your business in a great position to generate sales. This is where search engine optimisation comes in. It is a necessary marketing strategy to promote your business effectively online.

Working with search engine optimisation in Perth is no simple task. You have to follow several rules maximise the use of your website. Here are some of them.

Never forget your metadata

When search engines list down possible links that match your search, they present, your link along with a short blurb that describes the link. Not creating your metadata forces the search engine to choose which line on the page to show the results. These snippets are important because you can insert the keyword you are aiming to get. Crafting a well-written metadata makes the search result more appealing to users using the engine.

Flesh out fresh content

Search engines show results that are more relevant now. When your page regularly chunks out fresh content, it is most likely to place on the top spot. You can do this by writing new content for the site every week. This can come in the form of a news article or a feature. You may also want to keep a blog so you can talk about anything related to your business.

Most online searchers click on the first link the engine shows. Make sure your site earns a place on the three top relevant links. Getting at the top means better visibility when it comes to people looking for your products and services.

What Every Newbie Should Know About SEO

SEO services in Brisbane

SEO Services in BrisbaneDigital marketers seem so adept and very knowledgeable about it. Even industry experts will always tell you that SEO is the in-thing to do. But individuals who may have been introduced to the world of the Internet just recently may be at a loss as to what this SEO thing really is.

While one can simply get SEO services in Brisbane and leave all the work to the experts, it still pays to have at least basic understanding of this marketing strategy.

More than an Acronym

SEO or search engine optimisation is a series of processes or activities that you do in order to gain more traffic into your own website. This is done by making sure that the world’s major search engines like Google and Bing adequately and correctly recognise certain elements of your website.


A number of individuals who use a variety of Internet-enabled devices visit every website. The number of persons who visit a particular website is called traffic. You can consider this as the number or volume of persons who will visit your house at any given time.

Why Get Traffic?

If you use your website only to post whatever it is you like posting, you do not need to generate traffic. However, there is a reason why you put up a website in the first place. Either you want to share something or you want to be recognised by others. Either way, you need to be known by the very same people you want to attract or share something to. This is the reason why you need to get traffic.

 How does SEO Help?

When people use the Internet to search for something, they use platforms like Google or Bing. These search engines then begin the task of finding websites that are considered ‘relevant’ to the word being searched. Google and Bing employ a complex set of algorithms to determine the exactness of fit of websites to the search parameters.

So, websites that meet the requirements of these algorithms will be ranked-ordered in the results page. The higher a website is in the results page, the greater is the chance that the person will visit it.

In essence, SEO helps your website land a lot better in the rankings. This translates to better visibility among Internet users, which leads to more traffic to your website. This is why, according to Bambrickmedia.com.au, you need SEO services in Brisbane.

There are plenty of resources about how to do SEO. The one thing that needs to be clear from the very start is that SEO is a tool to generate traffic to your website.


The Reasons You Should Hire a Credible SEO Expert Now


SEOSEO can get tricky, especially if you’re just starting out and your business is in a completely different industry. With the algorithm updates and ever-changing trends, how can you keep up to make your website as SEO-friendly as possible? Worry no more because there are plenty of experienced and credible SEO experts and agencies out there that can help you figure it out.

Here are some reasons to hire one now:

Definite Results

SEO practitioners and agencies have a reputation to protect and build. Which is why they will not promise results that they can’t guarantee. That is an advantage on its own, but you should be careful to choose a reliable expert to hire to get the results you want. First, don’t believe someone who promises immediate results in as fast as 30 days. Website optimisation takes time, and a reliable agent will let you know that but still promise to give you great results in the long run.

Technical Knowledge

SEO experts are focused on keeping themselves knowledgeable and updated in everything that happens in the SEO industry. According to digital marketing expert Bambrick Media, this means every algorithm update, every upcoming trend, and every technical knowledge that can get their clients the high search rankings they want. They use the most recent marketing routines and technological advancements to give you the services you deserve.

Dependable Research

Although research about SEO and the online market can be complicated and difficult to understand, an SEO expert can dissect everything and inform you about it in layman’s terms. Working hand-in-hand is important for a reliable expert, and giving you assistance and information would be his privilege. This way, you can understand your online marketing strategies yet have plenty of time to focus on what matters more for the business.

Hire an SEO expert or agency now so you can experience these wonderful advantages. This is the only way for you to survive the tough online marketing competition.

Integrating Social Media in SEO Activities

Social Media Activity in Perth

Social Media Activity in PerthThe value of social media integration with search engine optimisation activities can be best described as a roller coaster ride. In the 2013 report of Ecoconsultancy, 74 out of 100 companies identified fully integrated social media in their SEO strategies as a major component of driving business. This was taken with much enthusiasm by the entire online marketing industry only to be dampened with the comments from Google itself that social media does not affect SEO rankings.

Whether this is true or not, many industry experts believe that one way to fully optimise your market presence is by capitalising on the power and reach of social media networking platforms.

Here are some ways to successfully integrate your own social media into your Perth SEO activities.

Expand Your Base of Followers

Like the traditional form of marketing, the greater your market base, the greater the opportunity for the generation of leads and sales. However you look at it, this is the end-goal of search engine optimisation – to drive to your business as much valuable traffic as possible. Strive to get high-quality followers as these can significantly improve your visibility on Internet searches. Whether Google encourages it or not, social signals can definitely work to your advantage.

Strive to Improve Your Reputation

While it may take time to build a reputation, you can start by posting and sharing information that your followers can truly relate to. Post videos and infographics as well as white papers to feed your followers’ natural curiosity. You can also initiate gaining references from other social media accounts that have excellent reputation.

Be Creative in your Posts

Your posts need not only be visually creative; they also need to contain information that is strategically laced with specific keywords and keyword phrases to help improve your Internet search visibility.

Invest in Local Listings

Because search engines are now placing greater emphasis on locally targeted SEOs, it is always a good idea to engage your own town-mates through social media. This creates a certain level of trustworthiness on your social media presence, which can be factored in by search engines.

Whether or not you believe that social signals are no longer indicators of SEO success, having a social media presence can still help drive home the business that you are offering. By serving your local community and by relying on the networks of friends of your followers, you will essentially reach that stage where traffic will be steadily streaming in.