Wanderlust: Configuring Your iPhone Settings When Travelling to Spain

Spain Vacation

Spain VacationPlanning to use your iPhone during your vacation in Spain? That’s all well and good, but how could you make certain that you are not going to use all your data inadvertently and then come back home to hundreds of dollars on your phone bill?

Deactivate Your Data Roaming

First of all, deactivate data roaming to block your iPhone from picking your data network while in Spain. In the event that you need to use data and their available networks, simply turn it on again. By default, however, simply ensure that it’s off.

UK Prepaid Sim Card added that buying a SIM card that works globally for your Spain trip is easier and less costly than using your carrier data plan. If you’re still paranoid about racking up hefty phone charges, then airplane mode is the way to go.

Deactivate Cellular Data

When you turn your data off, you block your iPhone from having access to all data networks and limiting its use to send text messages and calls. You could still use all other features available on the Internet, though, like e-mail, apps, and iMessage if you connect to Wi-Fi.

Reset iPhone Statistics to Monitor Data Usage

In your iPhone’s cellular page, you can see the link for ‘Reset Statistics’. When you arrive in Spain, click on it to begin monitoring data usage abroad. This allows you to track your overall data usage, as well as your phone usage right on the ‘Cellular’ page’s top section under the heading ‘Cellular Data Usage’.

Set ‘Fetch New Data’ to ‘Manual’

This will halt all automatic email downloads. You could instead view and send email messages by activating your cellular data and data roaming. It’s that simple.

Manually Deactivate Cellular Data Connection for your Apps

If you enable apps to run in the background and send you ‘Push Notifications’, then you should turn them off. Otherwise, when you activate your data roaming when you land in Spain to check for a message, email, or whatever, your apps will also activate and use up your data. Go to your list of apps and disable cellular data connection for all them to be on the safe side.

It’s important to note that the locations for the settings mentioned above will vary from one iPhone model to another, but the settings pretty much function and is labelled the same.