SIP vs. PRI: Which is Better for Your Business?

SIP displayed in the keyboardWhen the telephone was invented, it was truly revolutionary, as it allowed people to communicate over longer distances. Once it was applied to businesses, it provided companies with a convenient way to communicate with their customers.

Today, the discussion revolves around traditional PRI and modern SIP trunk service. You might be wondering which one is the best for your business. Here’s a guide to help you gain a better understanding of the service.

Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

PRI has been the industry standard since the 1980s and is the go-to technology for many companies. It requires a lot of infrastructure setup, as well as a connection to an existing telecommunication company to provide service to your business. It’s a stable setup that’s also great for smaller companies. The known disadvantage is that only a single call can be fielded at a time.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

Since the onset of the Internet, people have seen a shift towards SIP trunk for communication. This requires less infrastructure. In fact, all you need is a router and a service plan or package from a local provider. It provides options for video calling, as well as online collaboration over great distances. This is because SIP leverages data connectivity over standard telephony.

Which should you get?

Ideally, small to medium businesses without an existing setup will benefit from SIP due to the ease of system installation. The costing for this is lower than traditional communication systems. On top of that, you can field multiple calls at the same time. Bigger businesses could also benefit from SIP if they’re willing to move beyond their existing infrastructure.

Modern SIP is a good way to future-proof your business, especially if you want to target the global market. Use this guide to decide.

How to Grow Your Business with Inbound Marketing

Marketing Strategy Planning Strategy ConceptInbound marketing makes use of the combination of social media, blogs, search engine optimization, and content marketing, among other forms of pull marketing to create brand awareness and attract customers. It is a marketing strategy your business should never do without, as it makes your brand easy to find online and helps you establish strong customer relationships.

If marketing isn’t your forte, it’s a good idea to consult a HubSpot agency partner in Massachusetts and see what they can do for your business. If you’re on the fence about adding yet another task to your long list of must-dos for your business, don’t be. Here are the reasons inbound marketing is good for you and what you can do to make it work:

Benefits of inbound marketing to businesses

When planned well, executed properly, and utilized effectively, your inbound marketing strategy can:

  • Increase awareness of your brand,
  • Develop a brand preference among consumers and influence their future purchases,
  • Generate inbound links as well as social media shares,
  • Engage customers in their preferred platform anytime,
  • Increase customer satisfaction by putting them first,
  • Boost SEO efforts,
  • Save your money when generating qualified leads, and
  • Bring you long-term business benefits such as ongoing inbound traffic through word of mouth, social shares, and SEO.

Elements of a successful inbound marketing campaign

Good inbound marketing practices involve using strategies such as SEO and social media to make a business more visible and engage with customers online. Here’s what your inbound marketing campaign needs to succeed:

  • SEO – Search engine optimization takes your company to the top of search results;
  • Social media – It is a powerful tool to reach your target audience and share information about your brand;
  • Blogging – It drives traffic to your site and nurtures leads;
  • Webinars and other live events – These are great ways to engage with your audience in real-time;
  • Videos – More and more people are watching videos, so get your business some screen time as well;
  • White papers, e-books, email newsletters – Well-researched articles, surveys, comprehensive tips, in-depth guides, and industry studies build credibility and authority.

When it comes to inbound marketing, keep in mind that quality content is the key to winning the hearts of consumers. With best practices in SEO, social media, blogging, and other online marketing tactics in mind, make sure you create content for your audience. Know what interests them and craft your content around their needs.

Take every opportunity to share content your target audience will find valuable and shareable, and you’ll be on your way to seeing your business grow.

Should I Invest in an IT Franchise?

IT technicians in an office

IT technicians in an officeInvesting in IT franchise opportunities provides franchisees with a stable income stream, as IT concerns such as back-office support, customer care, and database management are all common operational necessities for companies.

Even for private consumers, IT solutions like troubleshooting and network setups all require professional care that a franchisee can take advantage of.

Why Invest in an IT Franchise?

As technology overtakes most industries across the country in terms of growth, the need for a strong IT support system becomes a key priority. Technology is becoming more and more integrated in people’s day-to-day lives: from changing the way we travel to upgrading the way we communicate with one another. As such, providing information technology solutions is now becoming a lucrative franchise opportunity.

A rapidly changing technological landscape offers new challenges for private consumers and companies alike. Providing the right equipment and solutions to customers is a fundamental necessity that can be serviced by a tech-savvy franchisee.

What Can an IT Franchise Do?IT company workers in an office

An IT franchise may elect to cover everything IT-related: back-office support, billing software, customer tracking services, and many more.

In addition to IT support, an IT franchise may also wish to be a one-stop shop for telecommunication needs. By offering clients bundled telecom services like voice services and internet access, IT franchises stand to generate constant revenue. Although the initial capital can be high, investing in an IT-related franchise opportunity can potentially have high rates of return on your initial investment.

An IT franchise can also help technologically impaired customers. This provides an opportunity for a franchisee to engage in a business that is both lucrative and fulfilling.

With technology completely changing the way people live and how they conduct business, an IT franchise becomes an attractive option to invest in. With a little tech know-how and some capital, information technology has become a sector that promises sustained growth, potentially rich streams of revenue, and varied professional challenges.

3 Qualities of Effective Cloud Performance Testing Tools

Cloud service applicationSoftware developers and testers are often lulled into a phony sense of software security. For example, software performance and features might satisfy the expectations during the production time, but crash when introduced to the end users. Studies show that many organizations conduct performance testing known as load testing without effectively emulating the real-world scenarios encountered by the end users. When realism is overlooked in load testing, a plethora of performance issues surface.

Cloud technology offers important features that provide testing teams with superior models that can capture realistic behaviors of software before distribution. Cloud-based testing also increases flexibility and lowers ownership cost. But before choosing cloud performance testing tools, it is important to consider their integration with cloud environments, their ability to perform realistic tests, and their support for web technologies.

Integration with Cloud Environment

The manner in which performance testing tools integrate with the cloud environment is an important consideration. Using tools that are not easily integrated with cloud platforms will result in conducting several processes manually, such as learning how each of the platforms works, as well building, accessing, and maintaining the machines to be used. According to experts, cloud performance testing tools must integrate with the cloud to accelerate and simplify the processes required to be employed in the cloud infrastructure.

Realistic Tests

Cloud-based testing is more realistic compared to laboratory testing. However, moving to the cloud infrastructure does not guarantee realistic tests. It is, therefore, necessary to consider bandwidth challenges experienced by end users by virtualizing networks and making parallel tests. In virtualizing networks, you must consider limited bandwidth and packet and latency loss. Cloud-based performance testing tools should be able to parallelize requests in order to produce realistic results.

Support Web Technologies

Many businesses prefer tools with built-in support for web technologies, such as WebSocket, Microsoft Silverlight, or AJAX. Otherwise, effective testing of performance of such applications will be impossible.

Cloud technologies offer organizations a mechanism of improving the realism and scale of load testing while at the same time lowering ownership cost and saving time. In order to address the challenges in software performance, it is best to embrace cloud-based testing. Simply moving to the cloud infrastructure is not sufficient, but the type of tool selected and how well it supports cloud technologies determine success.

Growing Your Business with Project Management System

Project Management System

Project Management SystemAs your business grows, more responsibilities will be left into your hands. At some point, you have to look for effective ways to handle every project and task for your company to operate smoothly. One great solution to this is through a project management software.

For years now, this type of system has continuously proved its role in the development and growth of a business. However, even with all those proof, many SMEs are still in doubt about what it does. To set aside these worries, here’s how this software can help you and your company.

It Provides Accurate Project Estimation

In task completion, project estimation is a method which allows you to count and analyse resources at certain levels. By knowing this, it is easy to understand the financial and operational impact of your decision. It delivers standardise approach to your team at how they should work on a specific area to improve the product or service.

It Keeps Your Team Informed and Organised

Through reliable job management software in the U.K., it is easy to update the whole team about the current status of the project. It effectively reflects your company’s deliverables that are important in project monitoring and task assignment. Having a clear overview of these things will benefit your organisation greatly in terms of task completion.

Budget Control Assistance

Fully integrated software enables you to create possible estimate to your future plans. In addition, it ensures strict monitoring of budget which gives you full control on expenses and adjustments. Through this system, you can quickly get an accurate account on your current budget, as well as your incoming financial projections.

It Improves Product and Service Distribution

With this software, strategy implementation for faster transactions has never been easier. It provides real-time updates on your every project which allows successful management on the delivery and transfer of goods. This is necessary especially when you’re dealing with time-sensitive products.

To make an improvement to the internal and external processes of your organisation, you must be willing to try new and fresh solutions. This includes implementation of advanced system technology which can perfectly go along with what you need. With this, you can certainly achieve better and faster business management.

Why Are Burglars Attracted to a Garage Door Remote?

Garage Door Remote

Garage Door RemoteIt’s a common assumption that thieves who break into cars want the vehicle itself. However, some of them might actually be targeting the garage door remote inside a car. shares that although smart car owners hide valuable possessions in their glove department, only a handful of people consider the garage remote as valuable and thus, do not make an effort to hide it.

This kind of thinking neglects to consider the true purpose of the remote: to give access to the person using it.

A New Car Burglary Trend

When robbers go after a car, they do not steal the car itself. Rather, they target the garage door remote left behind within the car. Although people might feel secure in the belief that it is not possible for a burglar to know where they live, they do not realise that the robbers can locate the residential address of the car owner after finding the car registration and insurance usually tucked inside the glove compartment.

The Victims of This Trend

One female resident reported that a 17-year-old crook broke into her car, swiped the garage door remote and used it to enter her home. He pilfered jewellery, electronics and money and made a getaway using the family car. In this instance, the authorities eventually caught the thief after he crashed the car into a light pole.

Some robbers, unfortunately, are able to get away with their crime. When one victim parked his car at a hospital, the thieves took this opportunity to smash his window and steal the garage remote. They even went further and noted the home address found on his glove box. They then went straight into the victim’s home and tore the house upside down while he was at the hospital.

The Bottom Line: Secure Your Garage

You need not end up like the unfortunate victims of this trend. There are things you can do to keep your car, your garage and home secure, such as using ‘smart’ garage door remotes that enable you to input an access code to open your garage.

Thieves are always thinking of creative ways to take your valuable possessions. Take care to always bring your garage remote with you and never leave it in a conspicuous place.

The Latest in Mobile Collaboration Portals

Mobile collaboration portals are at the forefront of telecommunications technologies, allowing teams to work remotely from any location. Data sharing, improved search features, and integrated multimedia support increase productivity. They now provide more seamless communication channels for its users.

Man Using His Mobile PhoneSecurity for Multimedia Communication

Multimedia communication in the form of VoIP and video chat are invaluable tools for mobile collaboration platforms. Companies now require more secure voice and data network solutions to ensure the confidentiality of their data. Since mobile collaboration allows remote access to information, there is a greater risk of data leaks.

To counteract phishing and data leaks, companies such as Google have implemented stricter Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) policies, especially for its email utilities. DMARC is a data authentication tool that secures communication channels. It identifies phishing and other confidentiality risks. DMARC is gaining traction on the global scale, with a 22% increase of adoption rates from 2015.  

New Updates in Mobile Collaboration

Both Microsoft and Google released new updates to their mobile collaboration portals last January 2016. Google, on one hand, has released a new commenting option for its Google Docs platform. It now has additional Android and iOS support, so that mobile users can add and read comments on edited documents. The commenting option has previously only been available to PC users, limiting the functionality of Google Docs on mobile devices.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has finally added real-time authoring to its Microsoft Office Online suite. This allows users to view edits in real-time, which prevents duplicates and inconsistencies in uploaded files.

Microsoft has also improved its sharing options, allowing users to upload files on various cloud services. Google has already been implementing these features on Google Docs, so it is a bit of a late addition to Microsoft’s productivity suites.

With these new updates, mobile collaboration platforms are now more compatible over multiple devices. Smartphones and tablets are powerful tools for on-the-go productivity, and new data solutions are being implemented to keep up with the demand of the users. Companies are no longer limited to in-house collaboration, allowing team members in other locations to communicate effectively over long distances.