Transceiver Modules: The PK-SFP-10G-SR and Optical Interconnect

Optic TransceiversNeed optic transceivers? The PK-SFP-10G-SR might be for you. It’s a small form-factor pluggable for commercial use, which allows for greater port density than its older counterparts. It has one of the fastest data transfers, which is 10 Gbps — reflected in its name. It has the same, but improved capabilities of a gigabit interface converter (GBIC). This is why the SFP can sometimes be called a mini-GBIC, as it is smaller yet a better transceiver module than the original GBIC.

Transceiver Module Specifics

  • The PK-SFP-10G-SR is a model smaller than the XFP transceiver, making it a good choice for easier connections depending on the port to be used. This transceiver model can support DDM functions. The standard digital diagnostics monitoring functions can likewise be supported by the feature called as digital optical monitoring.
  • This module is an important component in Ethernet switches and routers, as well as some firewalls and network cards. This is because due to optical interconnect, there is a need to receive and transmit larger bandwidths. With the 10 Gbps maximum data transfer capabilities of the transceiver module, it can easily supply data to multiple locations while receiving data from an optical connection. At present, the fastest form of connection reaches up to 100 Gbps.
  • This is important for industries relying on fast connections, such as the military. Companies that would like to use fast Ethernet connections can benefit as well from having the transceiver module supplying them with the data from a fast connection.
  • This transceiver module is likewise ideal for detectors of different devices. Largescale detectors use this as a primary pathway for incoming and outgoing data. With its large capacity of transfer rates, it allows data to be streamlined into databases and storages without hassle. This also allows the reception of a large amount of information in a shorter time, making it an efficient transceiver module to use.

Now that you know what this transceiver module is and what it does, would you buy it for your operations or look for another one?