Testing Saves Lives: The Impact of Stress and Environmental Tests on the Medical Field

Medical Devices in an Operating RoomMedicine and medical equipment can save lives. But before healthcare products reach consumers, the industry needs to determine their efficacy and safety. How is this done?

Accelerated Stress Testing (AST) and Environmental Testing determine whether or not certain medical products are ready for the public market. Here is an overview of how testing helps the medical field save lives.

AST Determines the Reliability of Medical Devices

AST requires the use of HALT and HASS equipment — equipment that exposes a product to controlled levels of overstress to determine its weak links. Once it determines the weaknesses of a certain product, the developers may then take corrective actions to make the product stronger and more reliable.

The type of testing is a huge factor in the creation of highly functional medical devices, from ultrasound equipment to medical test kits to dialysis machines. These devices diagnose, treat, and prevent a variety of medical conditions. Making sure that they function at their prime when released to the public, therefore, assures doctors, medical technicians, and patients that the devices they are using are secure and reliable.

Environmental Testing Validates Pharmaceutical Products

On the other hand, environmental test chambers help the pharmaceutical side of the medical field. The equipment tests and validates pharmaceutical products by exposing them to certain temperature and humidity conditions. It has the capability to define shelf life and expiration, too.

On top of regulatory standards, this type of testing assures medical doctors that the pharmaceutical products they prescribe or recommend to patients are safe.

There is an entire process in between product testing and saving lives, from the release of the product to its appearance on medical store shelves and catalogues. It is undeniable that testing is crucial in determining the safety, reliability, and dependability of medical devices and pharmaceutical products that help save lives.

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