The Continuing Value of IT Certifications

Person Taking the Certification ExamIT certifications continue to be vied after; the industry keeps investing in them and professionals validate their skills and capabilities with them and gain higher salaries in the process. At the same time, however, these certifications usually cost high, and you also have to invest a large chunk of time to obtain them.

You may wonder: are IT certifications still worth it? Why do more IT professionals take a CompTIA Security+ practice test to pass the certification exam? Read on to find out.

Increased Efficiency

A report made by an IT education company revealed that IT certifications still hold high value in the industry. One of the reasons include their benefits to professionals and to businesses. Workers observed that they worked more efficiently, provided more valuable expertise, and worked faster because of IT certifications.

Better Salary

Of course, you can understand that IT certifications continue to hold value because of the salary increases they bring to professionals. Compared to those who lack certifications, certified IT professionals make around $8,400 more. The gap equals 11.7 percent in pay increase. IT decision-makers also make better salaries with an 8.9 percent pay increase gap compared to noncertified professionals.

Higher Value

Thirdly, IT certifications remain valuable as more and more professionals obtain an average of three certifications. Such skills and expertise naturally makes them better and more valuable to companies. You will have to take more certifications to keep up with such competition.

Other Reasons

Other reasons IT certifications continue to hold value include guarantees for employment. Long-time employees can also keep their jobs if they prove valuable to their companies. Obviously, you also have better chances of being promoted.

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These reasons simply show how much effort you have to make to achieve essential IT certifications. Without effort, you will be left behind in work, salary, and benefits by your fellow IT professionals. You can prepare yourself for your first or your next certification by studying and taking practice tests.