Unexpected Web Outages, Is Your Website Prepared?

Website Management This might sound distressing, but you cannot really prevent website outages from happening. The good news is, you can protect your company through proper planning and be able to rapidly restore your services.

Analyse the profit lost in just an hour of downtime to know what you will lose and to find out about disaster recovery services and other ways on how to address it. Below are some prevention strategies you can employ:

The Importance of Backups

A basic requirement of any well-performing business is to conduct daily backup of every system that the website can access. To ensure that this is effective, you have to test it out first. Begin by uploading a post on your website, then deleting it after a few minutes. This is when you request the hosting company to recover it for you. Keep in mind that they should be able to do this in less than an hour. Otherwise, it is high time you find another company to host your websites.

However, if the company you chose did their job right, you still have to back it up on your own. You can use any free software online, like FileZilla to duplicate all of your files to your own internal systems using the website control panel.

Outage Management

If your site is currently experiencing an outage, get in touch with your company to determine what is happening. To find out if the downtime did not come from your side, check out this website checker. Next, notify your clients about the issue and when you expect your site to be operational again. For long outages, offer your clients periodic updates about the status. Situations such as this require the help of an expert, especially if your staff does not have technical experience.

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Your website is important to the operation of your business, especially since customers nowadays have minimum patience. The secret here is to plan for the worse to keep your customers.