Why a Multi-Faceted Competitive Strategy is Necessary for e-Commerce Firms

Man using a laptopEvery e-commerce company should know by now that an increasing number of target consumers have begun to be more active in using the Internet. For this sole reason, more companies have sought to make the most of this trend by attempting to reach a wider audience. Strategies, such as search engine marketing (SEM) and online advertisements, are only some of the common tactics that businesses use to secure potential clients.

As more companies venture into the highly competitive online market, you should be asking: "Is your business reaching the right audience, or let alone enough users?"

Proactive Steps

While SEM and digital ads continue to be a good way to increase your brand’s online presence, the rapid pace of growth in the e-commerce industry has given birth to other means of outsmarting your rivals. Competitive price monitoring, for example, allows companies to monitor competitors’ prices for their products and services.

Aside from knowing how your competitor sells which product at what price, it also helps your business acquire market intelligence on where to sell it. After all, knowing your niche is important to avoid getting lost in the enormous cyberspace that is the Internet.

Physical Competition

If your online business focuses on selling consumer goods, it’s not only competition from other online retailers that you should be mindful of. While the e-commerce sector has shaken the traditional retail industry, it doesn’t mean that physical stores will shut down because of increased competition.

In New Jersey, a survey showed that three out of four conventional retail companies do not expect their online counterparts to pose a significant threat to their business growth. Part of this confidence has to do with these companies adapting to a changing industry landscape, as they decided to add some form of online tools to their stores.

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Online companies should be flexible in adopting alternative kinds of strategies to keep up with competition because as digital technology keeps progressing, industries will continue to find ways to innovate how they conduct business.