Why Cheerleading is a Good Offering in Your Studio

CheerleadingCheerleaders are in just about every sporting event we know, doing their routines during breaks and shaking and waving their pompoms on the sidelines. They have competitions, too. In fact, cheerleading has become a world sport with the governing body, International Cheer Union (ICU), holding the World Cheerleading Championships each year.

Cheerleading isn’t only for sports or competitions; it’s also great for exercise. In fact, you can offer it at your dance studio and teach those who would like to be competitive or just learn a new and enjoyable form of exercise. It’s easier to manage this in a studio, too. TheStudioDirector.com noted that there is cheerleading software available to keep student schedules and payments, or monitor routines and keep track of calories lost.

Improving Cardio

Cheerleading has many health benefits due to the movements involved, like running and lifting. It’s great for cardio because cheerleaders need to run frequently — sometimes for long periods, sometimes in short bursts. This helps the lungs and heart gain strength, reducing the risk of heart attacks, stroke, and hypertension.

Burning Calories

Cheerleading does burn calories fast. Cheerleaders are at a lower risk for obesity, which may cause different health problems like diabetes and heart conditions. Although there is a risk for cheerleaders to develop eating disorders, especially if they take weight control too seriously, doing this only as a form of exercise can still be one of the healthiest activities for those who love to dance.

Strengthening Muscles and Bones

Lifting, jumping and climbing are all part of the routine of a cheerleader, especially when pyramid building is involved. These activities strengthen muscles and bones, lowering the risk of osteoporosis and similar issues. In addition, cheerleaders gain more confidence because of their strength, fitness, stamina, and healthier bodies.

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These are only some of the benefits of cheerleading. If you start offering it to your studio and explain its benefits to your future clients, then you’ll most likely get more people enrolling.