Why Planners Want Your Convention & Visitors Bureau to Have an App

Man using the CVB appMost CVB’s all over the country are still using traditional ways to market, meet and work with planners. While there are many highly capable people operating CVB’s, many planners are typically frustrated because of the limitations of the traditional ways of doing business.

You can have a convention and visitors bureau application like Visit Widget customized for your organization, instead of relying solely on traditional systems. The right CVB app can make things go easier and smoother for your organization, and planners will enjoy working with you, as they experience these benefits.

Fewer time-wasting meetings

Particularly if your planner is representing a company from an area hundreds of miles away, it is highly inconvenient for the planner to fly to you and vice versa. It takes up too much time and resources. There is also the question of risks. Meetings in themselves are great time-wasters. You probably have to talk about the weather even before you can get down to business. As for telephone calls, if the planner calls you while you are not in the office, you may have to waste more time trying to pull up the information they need or to relay what they need to someone in the office.

With an app, it doesn’t matter where you are or where the planner is. It doesn’t even matter what time it is. You don’t need a time-wasting meeting. The planner can monitor your activity in relation to their requests, which they can make at any time.

Faster application of changes

Planners, or the organization they work for, will change their mind about something all the time. It’s part of the business. And those working in the CVB are left to scramble to effect those changes. Whether it’s a change in the number of seats in the venue or a new request for additional hors d’oeuvres, an app can take the information instantly and can also update the planner once you have made the changes they want.

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A CVB app is not just an app for the sake of being up-to-date; it’s an app that does a stellar job of making things easier for your organization and your clients. You can stick with conventional systems and waste resources, or spend on an app to help you improve your services and effectiveness.