Why You should Switch to a Rugged Satellite Phone

A Satellite Tower Though smartphones are incredibly useful, they can be quite fragile as far as electronic devices go. Even with the toughest gorilla glass, smartphone screens can shatter and break when dropped. They are also prone to moisture and dust damage unless they are designed to be completely waterproof. Even then, most smartphones do not perform well in extreme conditions.

People who travel, stay in harsh environments or work in the industrial sector can significantly benefit from switching to a rugged satellite phone. This type of phone connects to a satellite service, so it is useful anywhere in the world.

Here is why you should make the switch:

Durable and Robust

Rugged satellite phones are waterproof and dust-proof, making them suitable for practically any environment. Biologists who are out on the field, engineers who work in harsh conditions, and even extreme athletes, such as mountain bikers, can benefit from such a phone.

This type of phone isn’t easily damaged and is resistant to shock and falls, as well. When choosing a rugged satellite phone, go for something that has military-grade durability. It has to be able to pass the test methods of the department of defence.

Compact with Long Battery Life

Unlike smartphones, rugged phones are robust, yet more compact. Though they are not ideal for casual internet browsing, they are dependable and often have a longer battery life. Smartphones are notorious for their short battery lives, which means that they are not the best choice for an emergency phone.

Coverage from Anywhere in the World

Rugged satellite phones can connect from anywhere in the world. This makes them an ideal choice for travellers who need to stay connected while abroad. Unlike smartphones, which rely on cell towers and local service providers, satellite phones connect to satellite systems orbiting the earth.

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Rugged satellite phones are perfect for people who demand more from their phones.