Your Forwarding Business and GPS

Hands pointing to a gps icon in a phone

The development of various types of GPS devices has dramatically changed some aspects of your personal and business life. While such systems have limitations to military and maritime applications in the past, modern GPS devices now have many applications.

Transportation and forwarding businesses have benefited a lot from GPS devices as the system allow them to monitor their moving assets. If you are in the forwarding business, you may also be considering incorporating GPS devices in your operations.

As a Method of Tracking

GPS devices work by triangulating the data received by one of the 31 satellites orbiting high above the earth.

GPS constellation services, provided by companies such as CAST Navigation, involve at least six satellites simultaneously looking down on an area in any part of the world. The satellites are the ones broadcasting relevant data to users of GPS systems regardless of the weather condition.

Trackers and Loggers

Smartphones with GPS tracking software, just like those used by some businesses, are also available. Some GPS devices can broadcast their positions at regular intervals, while others do it live.

So before you go out and purchase one for your business, you need to determine whether you need a live tracker or a logger. The main difference between these two is that loggers do not require instant tracking data while live trackers broadcast information in real-time.

Personnel Training on GPS

While monitoring GPS data may be easy to some, you need to have your staff trained in case unexpected glitches occur. Bear in mind that GPS devices are in exposure to elements that can affect how they broadcast data.

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Such instances can range from lack or insufficient power source, software glitch, accidental separation from the vehicle, incorrect transmission data, and much more.

It is quite clear why your forwarding business will be experiencing huge benefits when you have personnel trained in GPS. You would be able to keep track of your trucks, thereby allowing you to make the proper assessment of situations.